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Do you work in an area at high risk of fire or explosion? Then you will surely know how important it is to have only the right professional tools with you. A wide range of spark-proof tools are available on Mister Worker™, designed and tested to guarantee maximum safety in the workplace.

Non-sparking tools are special hand tools made from metals such as bronze, copper alloys and beryllium or copper and aluminum alloys. These are materials that, if they fall or hit a hard surface, produce cold sparks with a low level of heat, which are therefore not able to ignite any substance present in the air, unlike the classic steel tools that produce hot sparks . For this reason they are also called anti-deflagration tools and are chosen to be used in areas such as oil rigs, where even the smallest hot spark could be fatal.

All the spark-proof tools on Mr. Worker™ are Explosion Proof Protected, ie specially treated to be anti-deflagrant, and are ATEX certified, ie they meet the safety standards set by the European Union concerning the work equipment used in places with a high risk of fire and explosion. In addition, they are covered by a legal guarantee for one year, while the official warranty of the manufacturer is without time limits: this to make you feel even safer when you make the purchase, and to make you understand how professional and safe.

If you work in potentially dangerous areas such as oil rigs, always remember to equip yourself with specific and certified tools. If you want to request a custom quote to buy non-sparking tools online, send an email to [email protected]: our team of experts will respond as soon as possible sending you an ad hoc quotation!