Regardless of whether you need to repair or dismantle ships and boats, design of HVAC systems and on-board piping, or perform maintenance operations on your ship's engine, Mister Worker®, MRO's e-commerce tool and equipment store, has the right marine mechanic tools for you, suitable for onboard use as well! From tool sets to tool boxes, take a look at our range.

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The shipbuilding industry is concerned with the production of large ships as well as other floating vessels, conceived for the commercial fleet (cargo or passenger transport), the offshore energy industry, or military applications. At the same time, this sector also includes the products, tools & equipment, and services provided for the construction, conversion and maintenance of these ships.

This sector has been part of human history for thousands of years: the whole concept of shipping was born in the third century B.C., when traders recognized that sending goods abroad was cheaper and faster than by land. Firstly, wares were loaded onto ships in sacks, barrels, or wooden crates, pressed onto the docks or into the narrow spaces below. This could have damaged both the packaging and the products inside. In 1956, the sector was completely revolutionized as goods began to be transported in metal boxes. Not only did they protect the products, but when ships approached ports, truck beds and freight trains could take them away without having to repack them.

Today the industry continues to boom: container ships can move more than 20000 boxes each.  Along with the increase of the shipping industry, the growth of shipbuilding  tools also continues: over the years they have been refined more and more, even in the smallest details, to ensure accurate results as well as to help shipbuilders complete their maintenance tasks as conveniently and quickly as possible

The naval sector plays an important role in the world economy, as ships are used not only to transport goods to different countries, but also for the touristic sector, the off-shore energy industry, military purposes and much more. As a result, both the construction and maintenance of these means must be performed with top-class tools, produced to render extremely precise results, along with maximum safety. This is why Mister Worker® has decided to provide professionals with top-of-the-line marine mechanic tools, tool sets and accessories from the best brands.

What tools do marine mechanics need?

Shipbuilders and ship maintainers must have up-to-date training and have the right tools to fulfill their tasks, as they are responsible for the safety and effectiveness of a ship. Here are some tools, which every marine mechanic should not give up:

  • Wrenches, created for gripping, turning, tightening or loosening objects like pipes, pipe fittings, nuts and bolts. They include many models, such as flare nut wrenches, combination wrenches and much more; 
  • Screwdrivers: used with the aim to grip and unfasten screws, nuts or bolts. Its is important that they have proper dimensions and torque, otherwise they can can break, cause damage to the material being worked on, and slow down the entire work process;
  • Pliers, especially useful when you need to firmly grasp small objects, work in hard-to-reach places, hold and secure wires, as well as bend rings;
  • Hammers and mallets: very common tools used for a wide range of repairing tasks;
  • Multimeters, ideal for troubleshooting electrical problems, such as battery voltage (high or low), alternator output, and circuit tracing to find shorts and openings.
  • Tool kits: assortments of tools and accessories, that provide users with enhanced versatility together with the advantage of having the right tool at hand;
  • Tool boxes, like trolleys, cases or chests, used for storing and transporting tools wherever they’re needed. 

Why choose Mister Worker® as your supplier for Shipbuilding tools and equipment?

Do you wish to purchase excellent shipbuilding tools at affordable prices? Mister Worker® is then the perfect place for you. Our skilled team of experts handpicks top-of-the-line products for MRO purposes. From hand tools as well as tool kits to power tools and tool boxes, we’re sure you'll get everything you need on our online store.

Since 2012, we have been dedicated to supplying professionals with advanced tools and solutions. That is why we have incorporated in our catalog the best marine maintenance tool brands, such as Facom, Usag, Dewalt and many others. Such manufacturers are constantly researching and studying more and more state-of-the-art solutions that strive for quality, safety and faultless results.

If you need to buy top-quality marine mechanic equipment and have them shipped in the UK, the USA, Australia, Saudi Arabia or elsewhere, together with the comfort of an immediate delivery, you have only to choose Mister Worker®. On our online store you have also the opportunity to order large quantities of goods, by requesting a custom quote. If you have any questions or clarifications, please feel free to contact our customer service team, who will be happy to help you with any request!