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Mister Worker® serves as an authorized distributor of Festool tools. This German brand produces high-quality power tools for woodworking or other fields. It enjoys a prestigious global reputation due to the exceptional performance of its products, which are crafted using premium materials and advanced technologies.

On our e-commerce platform, professionals can conveniently purchase the entire range of this brand’s power tools at competitive prices. Our selection includes various types of saws (such as Festool plunge saws, track saws, OR table saws) as well as sanders, routers, drills, or impact drivers. Additionally, our catalog features renowned Festool dust extractors, plus innovative Systainers, along with a wide range of accessories like guide rails.

In summary, if you're looking to stock up on authentic Festool tools with manufacturer certification, simply visit Mister Worker®. By choosing our store, you can enjoy the most favorable prices as well as swift worldwide delivery to your preferred location.

Festool: Premium power tools made in Germany

Established in 1925 in Stuttgart, Germany, Festool initially focused on producing electric hand drills, jigsaws, and sanders. In 1932, the company introduced a groundbreaking innovation with the release of the first portable chainsaw, which was remarkably lightweight as well as highly maneuverable.

During the 1950s, the business expanded its product line to include drills, grinders, plus impact drivers. In the early 1990s, the brand introduced revolutionary products such as the Systainer toolbox and the OF 1010 plunge router.

Since 2000, Festool has devoted itself exclusively to manufacturing high-end power tools and accessories for woodworking. Today, the brand enjoys worldwide success, thanks to its products' exceptional performance, which is achieved through cutting-edge technologies together with durable materials. Furthermore, the company consistently explores new solutions to meet the evolving demands of a growing market.

Why should you rely on Festool tools?

Renowned for its extensive experience in producing high-performance power tools, the German brand has become a leading brand in the industry. Professionals choose Festool tools for several reasons, including:

  • Quality: these products are crafted using the finest materials, ensuring longevity and withstanding rigorous use.
  • Power: Tools such as saws, multi-tools, and orbital sanders are equipped with high-performance motors, delivering sustained power for optimal results.
  • Precision: Festool tools are designed to provide exceptional accuracy, a crucial factor in woodworking and construction, where even minor variations can significantly impact the outcome.
  • Innovation: the brand is known for its innovative solutions, such as routers featuring the Festool Domino system, which enables fast and precise joinery without traditional mortise and tenon joints. These routers also incorporate advanced dust extraction systems, keeping workspaces cleaner.

By choosing this manufacturer’s tools, whether cordless plunge saws, miter saws, or planers, you're investing in durable, highly accurate, and powerful products that enhance your working experience.

Navigate the complete catalog: Festool sanders, plunge saws, dust extractors, impact drivers, and more

Mister Worker® is the online tool store you've been searching for, offering a diverse range of products from leading brands, including Festool. From track saws to circular saws, edge banders to drills, Systainer tool boxes to chop saws, batteries, plus accessories like blades and rails – our catalog has it all, always available at affordable prices with prompt delivery.

Discover the Festool TS 55 REBQ-PLUS-FS plunge cut saw, one of the most successful products in the brand's catalog. This saw delivers an exceptional performance with its concentrated torque and extended saw blade service life. Furthermore, it can be used with a variety of accessories, ensuring top-quality cutting results.

Another notable product is the Festool Kapex 120 miter saw (576663), featuring a dual-line laser that indicates the working area for precise results. The dual-column guide with two bearings enhances accuracy, while the compact and lightweight design allows for easy transportation. The blade can be changed to suit different materials.

Explore the Festool CXS cordless drill 2.6-SET 240V, which offers 12 torque settings and a torque switch-off for precise fastening. Equipped with intelligent lithium-ion battery technology, this tool ensures extended use. With its lightweight design and ergonomic handle, it provides effortless maneuverability, resulting in a pleasant working experience.

For dust extraction needs, we recommend the Festool CTL MIDI 1 110V Cleantec model (574836). This compact and lightweight dust extractor is ideal for portable use, featuring a robust chassis and intuitive touch functionality for easy control.

These are just a few examples from our extensive product range. We invite you to continue browsing our website to discover more incredible products, including the Festool RTS 400 orbital sander and the HKC 55 saw.

Mister Worker®: Your official Festool tools worldwide dealer

As an authorized online distributor, Mister Worker® ships its products to over 180 countries, utilizing fast and reliable couriers. This means you can easily receive drills, dust extractors, Systainers, and more, in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, the Far East, or anywhere else, even in large quantities if required. Simply request a custom quote and benefit from our global shipping services.

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