Lamps and torches

When you need to work in low light situations, it is essential to have portable lamps, flashlights or LED flashlights with you. Mister Worker® offers a wide range of torches and lamps, with different powers and different sizes.

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If you choose to buy professional torches, an instrument that anyone should have is definitely the LED flashlight, as it illuminates very well without consuming too much energy. There are several models: the classic version is available in various sizes, has an anodized aluminum body, can remain lit up to 24 hours without discharging and turns on and off with a convenient button. The pocket version, however, is equipped with 6 LEDs placed vertically and is equipped with a magnetic base, useful to keep it fixed while doing a job; the body is made of water-resistant plastic, according to the IP54 safety regulations, and the duration of the charge lasts up to 11 hours. There are also models of LED flashlight with dimmer and equipped with a tripod, to use the flashlight in various situations where you need a steady light.

In addition to the large number of torches in the catalog, there is also a wide range of portable lamps, which can be used in many situations. The portable lamps for inspection are designed to illuminate hard to reach points, have the ability to adjust the level of brightness and are resistant to water and dust. The LED lamp under the hood, however, is designed specifically for the mechanical workshops: it is ideal to illuminate the engine compartment and check for damage or defects, the Power LED SMD technology allows maximum brightness to better illuminate even the hidden corners of the engine and is equipped with an automatic shut-off system, to avoid overvoltages. Suitable for mechanical workshops are also fluorescent portable lamps, resistant to products used in garages and in industrial environments, such as motor oil, gasoline, diesel, etc.: they have a reinforced structure resistant to impact and falls, and are equipped with a system that avoids overheating.

In the catalog there are also numerous lampholders with hook that mount bulbs of maximum 11W, equipped with cable reel and 12V transformer, ideal for those who need a continuous fixed light to perform jobs that can last several hours. In addition to these, there is also a vast assortment of accessories and chargers to keep their portable lamps always full and always be ready to carry out work, even in low light situations.