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Shop Gierre Complete Catalog online: Mister Worker™ provides Custom Quotes and Worldwide Shipment. Technical Advice, Official Warranty and Best Prices.
Choose Gierre scaffoldings, ladders, stools and mobile access towers from a catalogue 200 items that you can purchase with a simple click wherever you are in the world! If you would like to see Gierre products in action, we suggest you look at the videos available on our YouTube channel and discover the main features of Gierre Telescopic Ladders and Hailo products.

The History of Gierre: Ladders, Ramps and Scaffoldings for Professionals

Founded in 1980, Gierre has established itself first in France and then in Italy, in particular through the new plant opened in 2014 in Olginate (Lecco), equipped with a unique plant of its kind at the European level where the Gierre stairs are produced. Today it can count on a total area of 6,000 square meters dedicated to the storage and handling of goods and uses automated techniques for palletizing, which greatly reduce the preparation time of the material. Also in 2014, it also signed an agreement for the distribution of the range of HAILO products in Italy, an important German brand that manufactures devices for work at height and containers for waste.

Gierre, aware of the great responsibility deriving from the decision to produce and sell products in the sector of elevation, has always put the safety and reliability of its product first: quality is a must in the entire process of production. From the production cycle to the delivery of the product to the customer, are subject to continuous and constant checks, in order to guarantee the highest standard of safety of the finished product.
In its 40 years long history, GIERRE has continuously been strengthening its position as a leader in the Italian elevation market, providing professionals with single ladders, telescopic ladders, scaffoldings, hailo waste bins and much more.

Complete Gierre Catalogue available on Mister Worker™: Ladders, Scaffoldings, Stools and Loading Ramps

Mister Worker is a GIERRE Official Dealer: this means that you’re able to purchase the complete Catalogue of Gierre Ladders and Scaffoldings online just in a few clicks. All Gierre elevation systems are designed to meet the needs and requirements of every professional and comply with the latest regulations regarding safety at work: from Gierre scales ideal for installation engineers and installers, to Gierre staircases designed for warehouses, at the extendable stairs, excellent for masons, electricians, painters, window fitters and gardeners. The Gierre offer does not end here: the shop also has professional work trolleys.

Check out the wide variety of ladders: domestic ladders, extension ladders with rope, loading ramps and scaffoldings: they’re really reliable, safe, resistant and stable products, made mostly of aluminium or steel. An example of a best seller Gierre ladder is the telescopic ladder Peppina A0040, a multifunction ladder made of steel that enables the user to reach several working heights equipped with a semi-automatic safety device and patented steel hinges.
GIERRE ladders are all equipped with non-slip rubber feet and anti-slip steps that make them safe on all occasions. Therefore, they are suitable not only for professionals, but also for private users. Check out the section including Gierre domestic ladders. One of the best sellers in this category is the model AL160 stepladder, an aluminium house stepladder available in several versions, from 3 to 8 steps. Its structure made of aluminium with reinforcements on the back side assure a great safety level.

Gierre does not just stand for ladders, but more in general for elevation solutions: within its catalogue are includes also stools, such as the 4311-901 Hailo selekta easy step compact folding step, scaffoldings and loading ramps such as the RF200 Aluminium Loading Ramp, with a high resistance structure, non-slip ashlar and a triangle tail to reach the appropriate angle of support to the ground.

Mister Worker™ is a Gierre Official Dealer providing Official Warranty: Discover our Special Offers!

If you are looking for Gierre products at affordable prices, you are in the right place! Mister Worker™ provides you with a selection of GIERRE Special Offers: take advantage of discounts up to 30% to buy everything you need to work efficiently and, most importantly, safely at heights. All Gierre products, in fact, are UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified and follow all the internationally recognized quality standards. Moreover, they’re all covered by the official manufacturer warranty.

Within our special offers, we warmly recommend the AL426 3 section extending ladder, ideal for an intensive professional use. This ladder is made of aluminium, it is equipped with anti-opening ropes, non-slip feet having a wide surface in contact with the ground, and one stabiliser bar. It can be used in different positions: extension, twin ladder, stairway. Another example is the Gierre GE040 hand truck with foldable plate. It is a manual trolley with steel structure and tipper, equipped with pneumatic wheels with steel rim, non-slip rubber grips and wheel guards. It can also mount and remove the wheels in a simple and fast, thanks to practical clips, to allow you to easily replace them in case of damage.

Mister Worker™ ships Gierre Ladders and Scaffoldings all over the world really fast and provides customers with technical assistance and advice. If you would like further information about any of the products in our catalogue or you would like to receive a customized quotation made ad hoc for you, do not hesitate to contact us!

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