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A good assortment of tools is the first step towards improving your work. Mister Worker™ has in its catalog different trolleys, cases, boxes and assortments of tools suitable for a large number of types of professionals.

Best Sellers

Mister Worker™ offers a range of convenient and complete tool sets. Buying a complete toolbox means saving money while on the safe side. Hand tool sets are housed in a professional toolbox and are assembled to meet the needs of professionals to ensure that you have everything you need at work. Various types of toolbox are available, complete with basic assortment or self-repair assortment: the USAG hand tools contained are all of the highest quality and durable.

The catalog includes various types of tool assortments: automotive assortments, maintenance assemblies, heavy truck assortments, electronics assortments, plumbing assortments and electrotechnical assortments. There is a wide range of complete tool cases, containing different sets of hand tools studied in detail to satisfy the professional needs of those working in different fields. A complete tool case is ideal for those who do not have a fixed place of work, but moves frequently and works directly from the customer: they are produced in materials resistant to impact and corrosion, such as polypropylene, and completely protect the equipment that they contain.

Even buying a complete workshop tool trolley can be a great decision, because it allows you to receive all the desired assortment in a short time and have a complete tool trolley and already perfectly organized: it is the ideal solution for those who urgently need to replace the old instrumentation or is starting a new business and prefers to buy an assortment of tools that is well thought out and organized.

There are also drawers and cabinets with assortment for industry, designed for those who do not have the need to move continuously from their workplace, but work directly in their workshop. They are assortments of more expensive tools, but full of professional equipment of the highest quality and perfect for those who must set up their own workshop and need all the hand tools necessary to perform their work.

From Mister Worker™ you can find a wide and varied range of tool assortments, each of which has been organized and designed to fully satisfy those who purchase it. Individual modules with additional hand tools are also available to further enhance the selected tool assortment.