Workwear and Personal Protective Equipment

A workwear that guarantees safety and protection in the workplace is what every professional needs: Mister Worker® offers a wide range of work trousers, safety shoes, overalls for work... then move on to a wide selection of merchandising to set up your store: exhibitors for shops, company gadgets, and much more.

Best Sellers

Workwear is a key element to feel safe every day: trousers, sweatshirts, overalls and t-shirts are made of highly resistant fabrics, and safety shoes are designed to defend against accidental falls of sharp or heavy tools. Among all the working garments, the favorite by professionals all over the world are the work trousers: designed and designed to be comfortable and practical, they are equipped with large side pockets in which to keep small hand tools to be handled, and are available in different sizes. Some models have the ability to remove part of the legs to turn them into summer work pants. Even the work overalls are much appreciated, because it is a practical garment to wear and take off and very comfortable to wear: you do not have to worry about adjusting the trouser belt, which may tend to fall slightly during the day, just put it on and offers maximum comfort all day long.

Essential and indispensable for those who work in a mechanical workshop, or anyway in an environment where sharp tools or heavy objects are handled, are the safety shoes: they must be chosen carefully, the exact size so that they fit perfectly, and with the most useful according to the environment in which it operates. They are equipped with reinforced toe to protect the toes from any impact, have a special anti-perforation lamina inside and are equipped with a specific sole, which can be anti-slip, anti-abrasion, anti-static and so on.

Leaving aside the world of workwear and accident prevention, in the Mister Worker® catalog there are also many products designed for the preparation of your store: exhibitors for shops, signs for shops, shop furniture, counters for shops... everything you need to start your business better. In addition, there are also numerous company gadgets and advertising gadgets, merchandising items designed to enrich your store and make it customized even in the details.

Mister Worker® offers everything you need to experience a safe and protected work experience: work pants, work clothes, overalls, work gowns, accident prevention, safety shoes... to the details to enrich your work space, as small advertising gadgets and corporate merchandising products.