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KNIPEX Pliers and Diagonal Cutters

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Thanks to Mister Worker™, you can purchase the complete Knipex tool catalog just in a few clicks! It is a family-owned brand specialized in the production of pliers, diagonal cutters and insulated tools for both industries and professional users. If you would like some advice on how to choose and use the brand'swater pump pliers, such as the famous Cobra models, read our blog post.

The History of Knipex Pliers

The successful path of the company started in 1882, as it was able to reach and maintain a position as a leading manufacturer of pliers by embracing its traditions and openness to new markets.

What makes the brand's product assortment special is, first of all, the attention paid to the material used in their production. Moreover, the brand is well-known for its modern processing methods and machines employed to create its tools. The company's success proves that putting quality first is fundamental and its strongest commitment is delivering the best performances both now and in the future. Another thing the firm cares about is its responsibility towards the natural environment.

Furthermore, to ensure that the brand's standards are maintained, the entire production - from forging to packaging - is based exclusively in Wuppertal, Germany. Knipex is not just a brand name designating a specific origin, but a philosophy of quality, performance and constant improvement. This is one of the reasons why professionals from numerous sectors, from automotive to plumbing, are convinced of the trademark's quality "Made in Germany".

Knipex: the leading brand in the production of Pliers

As pliers specialist, the brand offers top performance utensils and sets standards in global competition. In over 135 years, the business has developed an extensive know-how of pliers manufacturing, which can be found in each of the more than 1000 items.

Even though many years have passed, the company is still faithful to a product group: pliers. Having put all its effort in achieving excellence in a single segment has made the German company one of the leading brands in this field. 

As previously pointed out, the brand boasts more than 1000 types of pliers, cable connectors and crimping tools. The firm's commitment is to provide exactly the right tool for every application, always in suitable design and size. An example is the precision electronics diagonal cutters product line: they are light-weighted cutters for ultra-fine cutting work. They feature sharp and induction-hardened cutting edges as well as small bevels.

In addition, the brand guarantees compliance with the highest standards of precision through rigorous measurements and numerous inspections. Moreover, the company seeks to find innovative solutions that enable the users to get their work done easier, faster, and most importantly, safer. Continuous feedback from professionals and great efforts in research as well as development have led the business to achieve and maintain excellence throughout the whole product range. This is all made in order to create a reliable image and a long-term relationships with customers. 

Vision and Innovations: Knipex Cobra®, CoBolt® and TubiX®

The future of the brand is leading in a clear direction: expanding its market presence with innovative solutions. Its continuous work on new products offers users tangible added value. For example, by saving handforce when cutting or adjusting pliers for gripping quicker and with more precision. 
New models are then put through the acid test with the help of computer simulations. The results are then used to further optimize the product. After that, it is re-tested and finally released for production.

One of the company's main focal points is that the user should always be able to rely on its tools. The professionals`opinion is the benchmark. Therefore, the brand is constantly searching for user's opinion on how they work with the pliers and what is important for them. On the basis of these dialogues, several innovations have been generated such as the circlip pliers, the pliers wrench XL ans well as an improved version of the crimping pliers for wire end sleeves.

The brand's pliers distinguish themselves from other models for their accuracy and the exceptional cutting performance. Some examples are the self-locking water pump pliers Cobra®, available in different models and sizes. For instance, check out the Cobra XS 87 00 100, which is the the smallest but fully functional adjustable pipe and nut plier in the world, or the best selling 87 01 125 model, provided with a polished head as well as handles with non-slip plastic coating. Discover also the compact bolt cutter CoBolt® and CoBolt® XL, which ensures 60% less effort in use compared along with successful cutting experience of large cross-sections as well as very hard materials. Check out the 71 02 200 Cobolt®, its efficient joint design ensures exceptional cutting performance with little effort and maximum efficiency. 

The company's development department is always researching intensively on further improvements to existing tools, and on completely new products that push the boundaries of technical possibilities. A prime example of such innovations is the pipe cutter TubiX®, featuring the unique one-hand quick adjustment "QuickLock": It cuts stainless steel pipes faster and easier than ever previously possible.

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The brand's complete catalog is now available on Mister Worker™, with a product range of high quality, reliable and long-lasting hand tools for professional users in all sectors. Explore the wide assortment of pliers, diagonal cutters, wire strippers, as well as the famous Cobra® water pump pliers, the innovative plier wrenches and many further products.  

We can mention, for example, the 13 72 8 wire stripper for electrical installation, provided with multicomponent grips, or the 82 01 200 Twin Grip pliers, characterized by a slim design that enables it to work in confined areas. Check out alsothe range of tool bags or cases, such as the top-selling 00 21 37 LE "Robust 45 Move", made of impact-resistant polypropylene, dustproof and watertight. Another article worthy to be mentioned is the 00 31 20 V03 set, which contains the 87 01 250 Cobra® water pump pliers and the pliers wrench 86 03 180.

Last but not least, in the Knipex catalog available on Mister Worker™ you can also find a range of cutters for different applications, for example the diagonal cutters for electromechanics, for electronics or for fibre optics

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