Discover pressure sprayers and hot water high pressure washers from the best brands on the market: these are perfect tools for the sanitization, decontamination and deep cleaning of work and domestic environments, both indoor and outdoor.

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The correct sanitization of indoor and outdoor environments is essential to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria, especially in a situation of health emergency where the danger is very high, as in the case of the COVID-19 crisis. To effectively combat this crisis, it is necessary to thoroughly sanitize indoor and outdoor spaces. This process is very important both for work environments (for example warehouses, workshops, construction sites, canteens and offices) and domestic environments. 

The sanitation must be carried out with specific equipment, such as pressure sprayers and hot water high pressure washers, that can be used to nebulize and distribute detergents or alcohol-based antibacterial products on small and large surfaces. Only with this types of tools it is possible to eliminate dirt and, consequently, improve the health and hygiene conditions of your environment, minimizing the risk of transmission of infectious diseases and, consequently, destroy every trace of viruses (for example, the COVID-19).

Meclube pressure sprayers are the perfect tools for this purpose, as they are specifically designed to nebulize detergents, disinfectants, lubricating oils and related products. Meclube pressure sprayers are particularly useful not only for professional cleaning companies, but also, today more than ever, for hospitals, in the pharmaceutical sector and in the food industry.
Within the Mister Worker® catalog you can find both stainless steel and polished steel pressure sprayers with tanks with a capacity of between 24 and 100 liters. Among the sprayers in polished steel, we highly recommend the 050-1520-000 pressure sprayer, currently on sale. It is a professional high quality tool with a 24 liter tank that can be used to sanitize small and large surfaces.
On the other hand, if you are looking for a pressure sprayer with a larger tank, the sprayer that best suits your needs is the Meclube pressure sprayer 050-1530-000, which has a 100-liter tank with level indicator. As for the stainless steel pressure sprayers, we recommend the 50 L 050-1515-000 model, made of AISI 304 stainless steel.

Annovi Reverberi hot water high-pressure washers represent another category of products particularly suitable to be used in this situation for the decontamination of large surfaces. These washers are also valid allies in the fight against viruses such as the Coronavirus, as they can be used for the propagation of detergents.
Particularly useful for this purpose are Annovi Reverberi professional hot water high-pressure washers belonging to the 69 and 78 series. Two examples are the AR 25276 high pressure washer (69 series) and the high pressure washer AR 25277 (78 series). These models are professional high-pressure washers with excellent power and pressure characteristics and a high-quality triplex pump with ceramic plungers. They are equipped with a special tank for detergents with a capacity of 6 and 8 liters respectively.