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The complete catalogue of Beta Tools is available on Mister Worker™. We provide Custom Quotes and Worldwide Shipment. Technical Advice, Official Warranty and Best Prices.


Beta is Italy’s leader in the production of professional hand tools. It offers a complete catalogue of tools and instruments, with over 14.000 items grouped in 30 product categories to satisfy the requirements of every professional user.

Always striving for an excellent performance, Beta tools are designed based on a detailed study of functional needs, materials and finishes, and they are manufactured to achieve strength, ease of use and safety. Relying on new technologies, Beta Research and Development Team selects the best-performing materials, finishing and heat treatment to develop and design new geometries. The result is a new generation of high-quality tools that satisfy professional users' new requirements.

Beta serves professionals across the world providing top-quality, safe and durable tools for industrial maintenance, professional mechanics, car repairs and many other sectors such as building, plumbing, electrotechnics, energy, oil & gas, aeronautics.


Mister Worker™, the online store for professionals, is an official international reseller where you can buy the complete catalogue of Beta Tools, with over 14.000 products available.

Are you looking for Beta Hand Tools? Download the PDF catalogue to discover the range of professional products available. Fill in the form in this page and send us your quote request. Our dedicated Team will provide a fast feedback to your enquiry. Mister Worker™ offers technical advice and custom quotations to help you meet the specific needs of your company.

In the Beta tools catalogue you will find top quality hand tools, such as wrenches, screwdrivers, allen keys and bits, ratchets and sockets, torque wrenches and multipliers, hammers and chisels, pliers and nippers, pullers, 1000v insulated tools, stainless steel tools, non-sparking tools, tethered tools, measuring and marking tools. You can purchase Beta tool sets for universal maintenance and industrial maintenance, assortments for car, bicycle or motorcycle repair, tool sets for electronics, electrotechnical maintenance and plumbing maintenance. Beta also offers a selection of cordless power tools, pneumatic tools and accessories, drilling and threading tools, chemical products, abrasive tools, Robur wire rope accessories, safety shoes and boots and workwear.
To store and organize your tools, discover the wide range of tool storage solution by Beta. From roller cabinets with drawers to folding tool trolleys, from tool chests and boxes to soft bags and pouches, Beta offers a perfect storage solution for every professional need.

Mister Worker™ ships Beta Professional Tools everywhere in the world. We serve professional users from over 180 countries and we work with the best international couriers to provide fast and reliable worldwide shipments to our customers.


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Beta Tool Sets and Tool Storage


Beta offers a wide range of assortments, also available in practical trays and modules to keep your professional tools always organized. Discover a selection of tool sets for industrial maintenance, general maintenance, plumbing maintenance, electrotechnical maintenance, electronics, universal use, car repairs, motorcycle repairs and bicycle repairs.

Organize your tools in Beta portable tool chests and mobile roller cabs with drawers. You can choose between several different models and configuration to find the solution that will meet your company’s professional requirements. For workshops, Beta also offers workbenches, tool panes and tool cabinets.

If you need to transport a small number of hand tools, Beta tool boxes, soft bags and backpacks are a great choice to organize your work equipment, while Beta tool trolleys are recommended for users who need to transport heavy work tools on the jobsite.

Beta Screwdrivers, Allen Keys and Bits


Beta Screwdrivers are characterized by high precision and durability, ergonomics and ease of use, high torsion resistance. These professional tools are made of steel with high hardness and wear resistance, and they are protected from oxidation with a special phosphate treatment. Beta screwdrivers are the result of intensive research and careful studies, which have led to new products and technical solutions.

Depending on your professional needs, you can choose between three lines of Beta hand tools: Easy screwdrivers, BetaGrip Screwdrivers and BetaMax screwdrivers. Beta tools range includes professional screwdrivers with Phillips head, Pozidriv-Supadriv head and Torx screwdrivers.

In the Beta 2020 catalogue you can find screwdrivers with steel heads, with interchangeable blades, screw-holding models and offset screwdrivers. Beta also produces allen keys, drivers with handles, T-handle wrenches with male ends, nut spinners with handles, bits and bit holders.

Beta Wrenches


Beta produces one of the widest range of wrenches available on the market of professional hand tools. Beta spanners are carefully designed and manufactured with best the materials to deliver high performance and satisfy the requests of professionals who search for strong, durable and reliable tools to operate and tighten hexagon and cylinder head screws and nuts.

Discover the complete selection of Beta single and double open end wrenches, combination wrenches, adjustable wrenches, bi-hex wrenches, ratchet wrenches, flare nut open ring wrenches, slogging wrenches, tubular and socket wrenches, t-handle socket wrenches and t-handle swiveling wrenches, swivel end sockets, pin and hook wrenches.

Beta wrenches are available also in practical tool sets supplied with compact supports, pouches or holders.