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Shop Beta tools Complete Catalog online on Mister Worker™

Mister Worker™ is pleased to announce that it has further expanded its extensive catalog by adding the renowned Italian tool manufacturer Beta. From tool chests to trolleys, from hand tools (like wrenches, sockets or screwdrivers) to workshop equipment, as well as power tools, workwear and shoes, professionals from all over the world can purchase on our website everything they need, in order to complete their daily activities in a fast, productive way.

As an official distributor, Mister Worker™ only sells original, manufacturer-certified, superior-level tools.

Beta tools UK and US: the best solution for your professional needs

The company was born in 1923, when Alessandro Ciceri founded the "Alessandro Ciceri & Figli" iron and steel mold factory near Como. Then, the trademark was registered in 1939 and the business began to specialize in the fabrication of tools for professional use.

During the 1960s, the firm affirmed itself in Italy as an emerging player in the tooling industry. It also began to sell its products in European markets, establishing itself as an increasingly important player in the professional hand tool industry. The product range was continually expanded year after year to meet all the requirements of users as well as industries. At the end of the decade, the group created the revolutionary "Tank" trolley made of orange sheet metal. Orange was the color that, from that time on, would have made the style of the brand unique and unmistakable.

Over the years, to the present day, the company has established subsidiaries in a variety of countries, such as France, Spain, Britain, Eastern Europe, as well as in Brazil, China and North America. In addition, the catalog has further expanded with the introduction of a wide range of workwear, safety footwear articles, along with the innovative RSC55 modular workshop furniture system.

Today, the company plays a worldwide dominant role in tooling, due to its ongoing commitment to research and development of cutting-edge, superior solutions.

Why choose Beta tools?

Boasting a catalogue of over 16.000 products grouped in 30 categories, Beta is without any doubt a benchmark for anyone searching for tools, equipment, accessories and workwear of pure Italian quality.

Always striving for excellent performances, the brand’s tools are designed based on a detailed study of functional needs, materials and finishes. They are manufactured to be durable, user-friendly as well as safe.. Always relying on new, state-of-the-art technologies, the firm’s Research and Development Team selects the best-performing materials, finishing as well as heat treatment to develop new geometries. The result is a new generation of high-quality tools able to satisfy users' new requirements. At Beta, quality is not only associated with a careful industrial and commercial strategy, but concerns every business department, with the goal of reaching complete customer satisfaction. 

Another important aspect to point out is that the quality of the production is certified by the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard, which sets the requirements needed to improve the efficiency in the realization of its products, enhancing in the meantime the management system.

The company supplies professionals across the world with top-quality, reliableand durable tools for several purposes, like industrial maintenance, professional mechanics, car repairs, as well as  building, plumbing, electrotechnics, energy, oil & gas, automotive and aviation.

Discover the complete catalog: hand tools, tool boxes, trolleys and more 

Mister Worker™, the online store for MRO-professionals, is an official international reseller,offfering the complete catalogue of Beta Tools, with over 16.000 products available. 

Browsing through the comprehensive assortment of products, you can see a vast choice of tool sets, also available in practical chests as well as trolleys to keep your items always organized and within reach. Take a look, for example, at the C24EH O7/M mobile roller cab (024002209) with an assortment of 309 tools, distributed over 7 drawers. The trolley provides a static load capacity of 700 kg for effective storage of multiple articles. This cab features 4 robust wheels for improved transportability, along with a centralized front lock for enhanced safety. 

The Italian manufacturer is famous for its wide range of wrenches as well, developed with the best materials to ensure outstanding results, thus meeting the requests of professionals in search of strong, reliable tools. The 42NEW/S26 set (000421070) is a successful article, providing 26 combination wrenches of different sizes, for completing different types of tasks and benefitting from highest versatility. We also recommend the 96BPC/SC9 (000960354) set of 9 bent hexagon wrenches, featuring a spherical end for improved flexibility. The wrenches are located in a practical holder with a key locking system, ensuring complete safety. 

Check out the practical, functional workshop furniture solutions available on our website, characterized by superior quality, ensuring complete comfort to all users willing to carry out their daily activities fast and efficiently. Look at the C45PRO workshop equipment combination (045000001), featuring a wide and robust stainless steel coated MDF worktop for a facilitated working experience, a fixed module with 7 drawers, an easy transportable roller cabinet along with a two-door tool cabinet, ensuring an efficient storage of your tools. 

Last but not least, you should consider the broad spectrum of screwdrivers, able to guarantee accurate outcomes, durability, ease of use as well as a strong torsion resistance. These articles are made of high-resistant steel, with a special phosphate treatment that prevents oxidation. Professionals choose the screwdrivers from the famous Italian manufacturer since they are the result of intensive research, which have led to new products and technical solutions. Depending on your needs, you can choose between three lines: Easy, BetaGrip and BetaMax screwdrivers. Discover the 1203/D8 set 8 Screwdrivers Evox (012031018), characterized by an ergonomic handle as well as resistant, reliable blades, for better comfort and flawless performances.

Mister Worker™ is a Beta Tools official Worldwide Dealer

As an official, authorised online distributor, Mister Worker™ offers original products and ships them in over 180 countries. This means that you can easily receive wrenches, screwdrivers, tool boxes or workshop equipment in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia or Singapore, even in large quantities if necessary, by requesting a custom quote.

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