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Makita is a Japanese manufacturer of high-quality tools, it has been present for several decades in the international market of professional products. From cordless power tools to combo kits, from corded power tools to accessories, from garden machinery to petrol tools, from laser measuring tools to site equipment, from workwear to toolboxes, Mister Worker™ is the Makita dealer you are looking for.

In the last year, a new Salesman network was set up, made up of attentive professionals who work with passion and keep their level of preparation up to date in order to make the most of the great potential of Makita products. Their contribution constitutes a real added value and through the analysis of the specific needs of the end users they can advise the choice of the tool that best suits their needs and the most suitable accessories for the type of processing to be carried out. A job made of passion, availability and continuous updates in order to better exploit the great potential of Makita tools.

Makita catalogue: the widest assortment of professional power tools

Research and development have always been of strategic importance for the multinational Makita Corporation. More than 500 engineers make technological improvements to Makita tools.

This is the main reason why Makita is able to offer the widest assortment of tools to the professional user, including top quality corded toolscordless tools and petrol tools.

With eight production plants owned all over the world, Makita owes its success to the quality of its products which have always satisfied even the most demanding professionals.
Makita has always had the vision of a global society and a community capable of developing for themselves and for future generations. By supplying its products, Makita guarantees that everything is possible.

The following initiatives guide Makita business at every stage of the process: respect for the environment, ever-changing safety measures and innovations in design and production. With this vision, Makita helps improving the present, but also invests in a better future.

Makita power tools: Quality & Innovation

The key to Makita's vision is the constant commitment to innovation in technology and products. From our security solutions such as AVT and dust extraction, to our lithium-ion battery and charger technology, Makita is always at the forefront of innovative ideas.

All this is due to its dedicated research and development center in Japan, where engineers work hard to constantly improve our products in all aspects, from energy consumption to ergonomic design and functionality.

Makita manufactures its tools all over the world, from its headquarters in Japan to England, Brazil, Germany, Romania, the United States, China and Thailand.

The acquisition of Dolmar by Makita in 1991 made it possible to carry on one of the strongest stories in the market for petrol engine machines and the plant in Germany constantly supplies the highest quality instruments worldwide.

The heart of its production process is the belief that a good engine is needed for a good tool and Makita makes every effort to make sure that its engines are of the best quality. Makita uses the best raw materials and components ever, to build the most powerful and efficient engines that we can imagine.

Its quality controls test each machine that leaves the production facilities. Nothing has been untested, on the engine alone are performed 19 in-depth tests!

Makita high standards go a long way, which is probably the reason why when you buy one of its products, the relationship with Makita is likely to last for a very long time and with great satisfaction.

Makita: Traditionally avant-garde

Makita has always been a precursor of the most important technological innovations applied to the world of professional tools. There are countless investments in the field of cordless tools, today the range of 18V products exceeds 130 different models, from rotary hammers to grinders, from lawnmowers to electric saws and hedge trimmers.

The health and safety of users who use Makita tools represents one of the main objectives in the development of new projects. For example, the recently developed Auto-Start Wireless System (AWS) connects power tools and dust extractors via bluetooth without the need to connect them via power cables. The operator can activate the tool switch and at the same time start the power tool and the connected vacuum. This system has a positive impact on workplace safety, as there will no longer be cords that may cause trip hazards.

Respect for the environment is another goal pursued by Makita. The development of green care machines powered by batteries or with low emission 4-stroke engines is the proof.

Makita Sales Network: Always one step ahead

The sales network, made up of attentive professionals, has followed and often anticipated the needs of customers throughout the country. A job made of passion, availability and continuous updates in order to better exploit and promote the great potential of Makita tools.

Today we analyze the specific needs of users, we recommend the choice of the most suitable tool and accessories for the job to be performed.