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On Mister Worker® you can find a selection of the best electronic and mechanical torque wrenches, torque screwdrivers, torque bits and torque angle adaptors by the best specialized brands, including Stahlwille, Facom, USAG and Expert by Facom. We offer a wide variety of technical products for precise tightening operations, chosen everyday by professionals for the maintenance of vehicles and aircrafts: all the torque tools available on our website are produced with maximum attention to quality and accuracy, in order to guarantee excellent results on the field.

Buy the Best Facom and Stahlwille Torque Wrenches Online on Mister Worker®

When it comes to torque control, one of the most important product categories is the one of torque wrenches. These professional tools allow you to pre-set the torque value that you need to reach and they notify you when that value is reached, so that you can avoid damaging the piece you’re working on and you do not tighten too much or too little.
If you’re interested in buying a mechanical torque wrench, you’re in the right online store: on our websites you can find not only torque wrenches with permanently installed ratchet, but also some models with mount for insert tools such as the Stahlwille Manoskop 730 Quick torque wrench. If you decide to go for a torque wrench with mount for insert tools, on Mister Worker® you can also buy practical sets that include a range of inserts and accessories that will help you to make the most out of your new torque wrench.
Digital torque wrenches are the best choice for those of you looking for maximum precision and accuracy: thanks to their display you can set the torque value fast and easily and they usually emit a vocal signal as soon as the pre-set tightening torque is reached, minimizing the risk of tightening too much.

High-Quality Technical Torque Tools: Torque Screwdrivers, Angle Adaptors, Multipliers and Much More!

Our catalogue of professional torque tools by the best brands on the market does not end there: enrich your tool assortment with a torque multiplier, a torque angle adaptor or a torque screwdriver! Torque screwdrivers are fundamental for all those operations that require extremely precise tightening or loosening of bolts or nuts. These tools are easy to use but, at the same time, they assure great professional results: purchase them online on Mister Worker®! Within our product catalogue you can find, for example, the famous Stahlwille Torsiometer, electronic torque screwdrivers and practical sets in which you can find several inserts suitable for multiple uses.

Choose between the most reliable, precise and professional torque tools available on the market: buy Stahlwille, Facom, USAG or Expert torque control equipment online! Thanks to their high-quality and accuracy, these tools will surely become a staple piece in your toolbox, and they will make your daily tasks in the workshop easier. Should you need assistance in choosing the best torque wrench for your specific needs, contact our experts: we will be happy to provide you with further information and details.