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Welcome on Mister Worker™, the online store specialized in professional tools and equipment. In this brand page you can find the 3M selection of abrasive discs for cutting and for grinding, for cleaning and for finishing, and also abrasive sanding belts and sheets.

3M Abrasive Discs for Cutting, Grinding and Cleaning

Nowadays 3M represents and excellence for grinding and finishing discs, cleaning discs and radial Bristle brushes, and also for sanding belts. This is a great selection both for professional usage and for domestic usage. The high standard quality is well represented by 3M impressive growth: just in 2017 it counted over 31 billion dollars of sales volume and more than 91,000 employees in all the world. You can find and purchase on Mister Worker™ an accurate selection dedicated to discs for cutting and discs for cleaning, discs for grinding and finishing and abrasive sanding belts and sheets.

3M is available on Mister Worker™ with radial Bristle brushes, specified for cleaning, and lamellar discs for aggressive grinding applications. The large selection can count on products for all needs and necessities, as the Fibre Discs Cubitron™, which are the best for longevity and thought for a faster cut. An interesting example are the Cubitron™ II Hookit™ Clean Sanding Film Disc, versatile and suited for different usages, effective on multilayer material. The finishing interventions, on the other side, can be faced with products such as radial Bristle brush, whose bristles are covered with a blend of aggressive ceramic abrasive grain 3M and are much more effective, even with a low pressure. The abrasive sheets in aluminum oxide are capable to guarantee a great result with the best price.

History of 3M: High Quality Abrasive Products

3M is an American memorable company, founded in 1902 in Two Harbors in Minnesota with the name of Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company. Today is a large multinational company, a conglomerate based in over 70 countries with 65 subsidiaries, and it’s an excellence mostly in the abrasives and in the oil&gas. 3M is in Italy since more than 60 years and has its HQ in Pioltello, close to Milan. It can also count ona Distribution Centre, two production units, a scientific laboratory and a office in Rome.

Founded by five American businessmen in USA, in the beginning was a mining venture for the corundum extraction. In 1905 Edgar Ober and Lucius Ordway took over the company and moved the offices to Duluth, starting a phase of research and production dedicated to sandpaper articles. The key was to replace corundum with Spanish garnet: 3M developed the first product, known as Three-M-ite cloth. The first moment of research and development (R&D) goes back up the moment when garnet was roasted on fire in order to remove the olive oil that penetrated during the mineral transport from Spain to USA. It was a milestone for the history of the company. In that period 3M registered several innovations: products such as waterproof sandpaper in 1921, the masking tape in 1925 and the Scotch-brand tapes. In 1910 the company moved to St. Paul, where it remained for 52 years until the moment it was moved again to Maplewood in 1962.

Discover All 3M News, Prices and Offers on Mister Worker™

Mister Worker™ brings you in 3M world: a place made of professional tools for cutting, finishing and grinding. A very convenient high quality, with a selection of products for sale that are very interesting for our customers. The high quality and the best market standards can be discovered in the products dedicated pages. For example, the Cubitron™ II Depressed Center Grinding Wheel is made of triangular points in ceramic grain 3M PSG (Precision Shaped Grain) so the metal layer is etched instead of being excavated. This is the peculiarity of this product against its competitors. In this way we have a heat reduction and a consequent reduction of the risk of burning and cracking.

The set of Scotch-Brite products boasts of a selection of articles from the fine ones to the coarse ones, for hand working or machine processing. These are thought and built for a long duration and a high performing level. The nylon base combined with silicon carbide and ceramic grain 3M Cubitron™ II is the ideal set to stand up to usury and can adapt to the most intense rhythms. The quality brought from 3M directly to customers by Mister Worker™ permits to guarantee that the object of work results intact.

Mister Worker™ is 3M Official Reseller: Warranty on All Products

Mister Worker™ sells on a global scale a selection of 3M products, a choice made for professionals. The advice is to visit often the 3M Special Offers section in order to ensure for you the top-level choices with a competitive price. For the faster cut or the perfect finishing, the 3M catalogue has an interesting variety of articles realized with the best materials, result of a century-long process of research & development and more than 8,500 researchers. This continuous innovation process for 3M resulted in the one-hundred-thousandth patent registered in May 2014 – a goal that is also a starting point. It is an invite for customers and companies to invest on high quality products with long life materials to guarantee longevity to the professional tools and pursuing the best results.

A gentle reminder: all professional tools are covered by 3M Warranty. Mister Worker™ is the professional tools and equipment online store where you can buy in just few clicks and in safety mode the 3M instruments: each article is provided with a technical  sheet, images and video tutorials to have the best suggestions on how to use your tools. And remember to follow our blog!

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