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Here on Mister Worker™, the online store specialized in professional tools and equipment, you can find a selection of the 3M abrasive discs for cutting and for grinding, for cleaning and for finishing, and also abrasive sanding belts and sheets. If you would like to see some of 3M top abrasive products, such as Cubitron™, Hookit™ and Scotch Brite™, in action, check out the playlist available on our YouTube channel and join our Community!

History of 3M: High Quality Abrasive Products

3M is an American company, founded in 1902 in Two Harbors in Minnesota with the name of Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, well-known for its abrasive discs for cuttingfor grinding and abrasive belts and sheets

Founded by five American businessmen, in the beginning 3M was a mining venture for the corundum extraction. In 1905 Edgar Ober and Lucius Ordway took over the company and moved the offices to Duluth: in this moment the direction of the company changed drastically. The owners started focusing on the market of sandpaper articles and the company went through a phase of R&D with the specific goal of replacing corundum with Spanish garnet. The first product that 3M developed was the innovative Three-M-ite cloth, a milestone for the history of the company.
What started as a small-scale mining venture became a Fortune 500 company and a global leader, whose products improve the daily lives of the user. Today 3M is a large multinational company, as it has spread its presence in over 70 countries, and it owns 65 subsidiaries. 3M has expanded in Italy around 60 years ago with its headquarters in Pioltello, in the nearby of Milan and brought its know-how acquired through its extensive experience in the sector of abrasives and Oil & Gas. In Italy, the brand has also Distribution Centre, two production units, a scientific laboratory and an office in Rome.

3M Abrasive Discs for Cutting, Grinding and Cleaning

3M is a market leader in abrasives, and it represents an excellence in the product category of grinding discs, clean/strip and finishing discs and, last but not least, sanding belts and sheets. 3M sanding belts are perfect both for professional and private use, for example for for blending, cleaning, contour finishing, deburring and rust removal on all metals, wood, plastic and paints.

Within the category of abrasive discs for cutting we warmly recommend, for example, the 3M Cubitron II Cut and Grind Wheel. Unlike other abrasive discs, it can meet multiple challenges without the need for swapping out discs. Our grinding wheels have a flat, reinforced inner surface which can shape or sand objects, while the thin outer edge can be used to make perpendicular cuts and gouges. This stops the need for multiple abrasive tools and helps maximise production.
Another interesting example is the CUBITRON™ II Hookit™ Clean Sanding Film Disc, which cuts up to two times faster than other clean sanding products and lasts up to six times longer than conventional abrasives. Such discs are ideal for a range of applications focused on stock removal and are effective on a wide variety of substrates including metals, composites, gelcoat and whitewood. 

Other well-known 3M products are the Scotch Brite™ finishing discs, with radial bristle brushes, specific for cleaning, and lamellar discs for aggressive grinding applications. The 3M bristle products available on Mister Worker™ achieve outstanding results, as they work harder and faster than traditional abrasives without sacrificing the finish quality. An example is the Shaft Mounted Bristle Disc Scotch Brite™ which, which gives a uniform finish efficiently cleaning and preparing even highly contoured surfaces

Mister Worker™ is a 3M Official Reseller Providing Official Warranty On All Products

Mister Worker™ is an official 3M dealer that provides you with a selection of the best 3M products, and gives you access to a range of amazing professional tools for cutting, finishing and grinding.  Check out, for example the 3M Sanding utility cloths and cloth belts, such as the Cubitron™ II Sanding Cloth Belt 984F: they’re the perfect mix of quality and convenience, ensure a uniform finish and minimize the operator fatigue. Mister Worker™ is the professional tools and equipment online store where you can purchase higly professional goods online in a few clicks: each article is matched by its complete technical sheet, images and video tutorials to guide you in the choice of the best product for your needs.
We ship such quality items fast all over the world along with the Official warranty of the manufacturer, which is a symbol of 3M’s confidence in the value of its products. 

3M Prices and Special Offers on Mister Worker™

Mister Worker™ provides you with a selection of discounted abrasive discs at discounted prices: if this sounds interesting to you, we suggest you have a look at our Special Offers section dedicated to 3M products.

Within this section you will find some of the patented Cubitron™ II products at affordable prices: an example is the high performance Cubitron™ II Cut Off Wheel T42,  faster cutting and longer lasting than conventional cutting wheels. Moreover, they require less pressure and help reduce the operator’s fatigue, increasing consequently its productivity. For what concerns clean sanding film discs, we warmly suggest the discounted Cubitron™ II Hookit™ Clean Sanding Film Disc 775L equipped with 3M Precision Shaped Grain. Its main characteristic is the multi-hole pattern that evacuates dust at a higher rate compared to other products.

If you have any questions about these products, do not hesitate to contact us! Our team of experts will be happy to provide you with further information and technical assistance both in the pre-sale and in the post-sale period. 

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