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On Mister Worker®, professionals from around the world can easily purchase top-of-the-line Kukko tools. With their extensive experience in producing high-quality tools for bearing removal, Kukko is a trusted German brand and its pullers ensure the non-destructive dismantling of parts. In addition to pullers, the brand also manufactures a variety of other mechanical tools, including clamps, separators, and more.

Whether you require internal or external pullers, puller sets, hammers, or accessories, we are confident that you will find everything you require.

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The concise account of Kukko Pullers' past

Founded in 1919, the organization initially specialized in fabricating vehicle lifts but swiftly diversified its production to encompass a wide assortment of mechanical tools, such as pullers or clamps.

In 1930, the company unveiled its groundbreaking hydraulic puller, transforming the realm of engineering and gaining acclaim among experts. Throughout the years, the brand has persistently pursued invention, creating novel merchandise and improving existing tools to achieve superior effectiveness.

Presently, Kukko enjoys worldwide renown as a foremost manufacturer of mechanical implements, revered for their excellence. Their array of products, comprising internal and external pullers, clamps, hydraulic pullers, and hammers, caters to various industries, including the automotive sector.

Why should you opt for Kukko Tools?

With numerous years of proficiency in manufacturing state-of-the-art extractors, Kukko has earned global recognition among professionals. There are multiple compelling rationales behind the firm's triumph:

  • Excellence: Kukko pullers are celebrated for their exceptional resilience, as they are meticulously crafted using premium components and cutting-edge methodologies, ensuring their ability to endure demanding usage.
  • Ingenuity: The brand consistently pushes the limits of tool design engineering, perpetually enhancing the performance and functionality of its products.
  • Extensive Assortment: the organization provides a broad selection of implements, encompassing extractors, clamps, nut splitters, and other specialized tools.

Due to these and additional factors, this German brand emerges as an exceptional selection when in search of top-notch, dependable mechanical tools.

Browse the Complete Catalog: Kukko Pullers, Puller Sets, Hammers, and More

Featuring a diversified product range available at competitive prices, combined with the convenience of quick, global shipping, Mister Worker® is the ideal online shop to meet your needs. On our website, you can buy a vast selection of Kukko internal and external pullers, separators, nut splitters, and hydraulic pullers, plus a broad range of accessories.

For instance, consider the Kukko 20-10 external puller, equipped with two high-quality jaws, perfect for extracting bearings, gears, or discs from hard-to-reach spaces. Additionally, this tool offers extended jaw reach, enabling access to remote areas.

We also recommend the Kukko 204-2 puller, a versatile tool designed for removing extremely tight ball bearings, bearing rings, and other workpieces.

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