Welcome to the online shop dedicated to the sale of USAG handtools! USAG is a historic brand that has been working alongside maintenance personnel and workshop professionals for more than 90 years. It has always offered professional equipment of the highest quality ensuring extraordinary results, durability and complete safety of use.

USAG: the excellence of Italian professional tools

Founded in 1926, USAG has always set itself the goal of meeting the needs of all workers, providing work tools for plumbers and electricians, equipment for unskilled workers and carpenters, tools for mechanics, car repairers, electricians and industrial maintenance personnel. However, enthusiasts can also find valid tools in the USAG hand tools.

The USAG brand has always been the top quality for professional instruments and has always been alongside Ducati, Ferrari, Toro Rosso and Scuderie Corse all over the world. Collaborations of this caliber have allowed USAG to be always at the forefront in the supply of innovative tools and in the ability to propose solutions that are really close to the needs of end users. Furthermore, USAG is an ECOSMART brand, committed to improving the sustainability of its activities and reducing environmental impacts.

Here you will find the complete range of hand tools and accessories for the entire USAG 2018 catalog

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Do you urgently need a socket wrench that your hardware does not keep in stock? Do you need a spare fiber handle for a hammer that you can not find at any traditional USAG retailer? Retailers in your area only deal with the catalog of other brands, but do you need something highly professional? Follow our advice, try USAG! You will have in your hands the best quality made in Italy guaranteed by a company like USAG belonging to the Stanley Black & Decker group.

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In the USAG Special Offers section you will find numerous tools and work tools with discounts up to 50% compared to the official price. And not only, among the various USAG offers, do not miss the limited edition USAG 90, released on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the brand; or Just USAG sets, designed for industrial and automotive maintenance.

Take advantage of our specialized offers and buy the best professional tools for car and motorcycle workshops, mechanics and repair shops. For example you can find boosters for starters, oil recovery units, oil filter wrenches, phasing kits and USAG torque wrenches.

We also offer a wide selection of USAG hydraulic tools that will meet the professional needs of plumbers and plumbing. On our site you will find the complete range of pipe wrenches, pipe cutters, countersinks, pipe benders and washbasin wrenches. All the professional tools you need within a click!

We also think about the needs of electricians, proposing a great choice of electrotechnical tools. Insulated screwdrivers, multimeters and testers, wire strippers, wire clamps and thermometers are just one example of what you will find in the USAG catalog.

Also available the most popular USAG tools for professionals: a set of socket wrenches, the many variants of the famous USAG trolley and the practical T-keys and USAG screwdrivers that can be purchased individually or in practical sets and assortments.

In addition, Mister Worker also has the MATRIX vans and a complete range of USAG baby carriers, backpacks and toolbags.

To meet the professional needs of our customers, we prepare quotes with ad hoc quotations and customized discounts for large orders or repeated orders over time. We ensure not only a simple and safe shopping experience but also the USAG guarantee on all items.

Our customer service will provide you with complete assistance in the entire purchasing process: from technical advice for choosing the most suitable products to your needs, up to the resolution of any after-sales problems, such as the free replacement of failed parts. In addition, through technical data sheets, images and video tutorials we offer you tips on how to get the best out of your tools. You can also find tips and articles dedicated to our blog!

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