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Mister Worker™ supplies professionals from the whole globe with the renowned USAG tools, tool boxes and accessories. The brand is an Italian manufacturer of hand tools for a broad range of sectors, such as automotive, electronics or plumbing. The company boasts great success in the hand tools market, since its products are realized with the best materials and offer outstanding performances, in order to meet both professionals as well as industry requirements. 

On our online shop you can purchase the whole brand’s catalog, including wrenches, T-handle keys (such as the USAG 280 T model, one of the brand’s flagship products), ratchets or screwdrivers. You also have the possibility to buy tool boxes, bags and tool trolleys. On our website you can get everything you need in just a few clicks, while also taking advantage of the best deals plus prompt delivery service.

As an official distributor, Mister Worker™ only sells original, manufacturer-certified, superior-level tools. So, if you would like to purchase authentic USAG tools, you only have to choose our shop.

USAG tools: a history of great achievements

The company was founded in Italy in 1926 as Utensileria Società Anonima Gemonio (hence the acronym USAG). In the beginning, the business operated in the tool industry in conjunction with other small enterprises in Italy. Over the years, the Italian company merged with other groups, including Facom Tools S.A., The Stanley Works, as well as Stanley Black & Decker Inc. Nevertheless, the brand has always been able to preserve its identity in the tool market. By merging with other major companies in the industry, USAG has been able to establish itself as a renowned manufacturer in the world of tools through maximizing production facilities as well as sharing technological, logistical and marketing capabilities.

Today, the Italian brand boasts a rich, diversified assortment of hand tools, such as wrenches, ratchets or sockets, plus storage solutions, like tool boxes or bags. To this day, the firm continues to invest in researching new products and technologies in order to meet the needs of all professionals, even the most pretentious ones.

Why choose USAG Tools?

Since its foundation, the firm has always been committed to delivering excellent-performing hand tools, featuring a unique Italian ergonomic design, in addition to superior quality standards. In addition, each product, be it a wrench, a screwdriver, a ratchet, or a tool box, is manufactured with the most resistant materials, together with the most advanced technologies, with the aim to guarantee to every professional the highest quality and safety levels. 

The company has also collaborated with prestigious brands, such as Ducati Rosso, Ferrari or Red Bull, which has given it additional relevance, enhancing its reputation as a manufacturer of innovative tools. Furthermore, USAG is an ECOSMART™ brand, constantly striving to achieve its goals in a completely sustainable way, without harming the environment. 

Purchasing a USAG tool therefore means investing in a safe, reliable and flawlessly performing product that will greatly help you in your projects, giving you a unique work experience.

Check out the complete USAG tool catalog: wrenches, socket sets, tool boxes and more

Buying on Mister Worker™  is always a guarantee! Our store is committed to delivering to all professionals around the world a rich catalog that covers the most cherished tool brands, including USAG. All this together with the advantage of fast delivery, plus affordable prices. Check out the brand catalog: from spanners to socket sets, from pliers to T-handle hexagon keys, as well as scissors, tool boxes and trolleys, we are sure you will find the tool made just for you.

Below are some of the brand's most popular products:

  • USAG 280 T T-handle hexagon key, one of the brand's best-selling items. Made of a special silicon chrome vanadium steel, this tool is equipped with high-quality hexagonal hard steel bars with beveled ends, allowing various types of mechanical fasteners to be tightened or loosened with maximum precision. 
  • USAG 207 E electrician scissors, whose blades and inside handles are realized in a resistant stainless steel structure, which grants enhanced strength. Furthermore, the blade has micro anti-slip teeths for a secure grip. In addition, these scissors are equipped with bimaterial ergonomic handles, in order to ensure users increased comfort while working,
  • USAG 810 N torque wrench with reversible ratchet: it is an adjustable tool for clockwise tightening, able to provide a ± 4% accuracy of the preset torque value for extremely precise results. When the established torque value is reached, the torque wrench emits a sensible, clear audible alarm. Furthermore, this model is supplied with a certificate of acceptance, attesting to the safety of the product.
  • USAG 311 N pipe wrench: it features slim, straight jaws bent at 45°, capable of opening up to 100 mm, and is constructed of chrome vanadium steel. This item is perfect for applications in the plumbing industry.
  • USAG 002 JMA case, that includes 181 pieces, ensuring complete versatility, along with the convenience of always having the right tool at hand. The case features an aluminum shell, plus metal reinforcements, as well as a double metal locking zipper with lock for improved safety. 
  • USAG 294 AG reversible adjustable wrench with handle: this tool incorporates two graduated scales, in millimeters and inches, an ergonomic bimaterial grip, plus a chrome plated finish. In the regular position, it can drive a hexagonal profile, while by reversing the movable jaw, it can drive a round profile.
  • USAG 285 C short combination wrenches, a high-quality tool featuring a ring and open head bent at 15°. The ring head has an hexagonal profile up to size 5,5 mm. This item is available in 16 different models and has short dimensions for better maneuverability. 

These are just some examples of the vast range of this brand’s tools. Take a look for example at the USAG 646 toolbox or the 076 A digital multimeter. Check out the whole catalog and buy the product that best suits your needs. 

Mister Worker™ is a USAG tools official Worldwide Dealer

As an official online distributor, Mister Worker™ ships its products in over 180 countries, relying on the fastest, reliable couriers. This means that you can easily receive products like impact wrenches, pliers or tool boxes in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia or Singapore, even in large quantities if necessary, by requesting a custom quote.

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