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On Mister Worker™ you can buy all the high quality Terry brand products at affordable prices: Terry plastic cabinets for exteriors and interiors, cabinets, furniture and Terry containers are always available for immediate delivery.

Terry Cabinets and Boxes for Storage Solutions

Terry Milano Storage is an Italian company founded in 1961 on the initiative of Claudio Guizzardi. With over 50 years of activity, it is now recognized worldwide for the design, production and marketing of products for the organization of space in the professional and private sphere.

Terry is a cutting-edge company, always looking for the best solutions and the best materials to offer a high quality standard to its customers. In addition, Terry always carries out extensive work on the design of his products: a research that involves every aspect, from the aesthetic, ergonomic and tactile taste of the product, to the functional aspect.

Terry Milano Storage offers a line of multifunctional products that can be adapted to any environment: wardrobes and outdoor furniture that, thanks to the resistant materials they are made of, are highly resistant to the elements. Thanks to their modern design, however, Terry plastic products are also suitable for interiors.

Discover the entire Terry catalog on Mister Worker™!

On Mr. Worker™ you can find the complete range of Terry outdoor cabinets: from the very popular J-Line 368 to the Wave, Rattan and JWood lines, all Terry cabinets are made of impact-resistant, moisture-proof, rain-proof and dust-proof plastic. Unfailing allies in every workshop or cellar!

The complete range of Terry containers is also available on Mister Worker™: various models of resin and plastic cabinets, wall-mounted cabinets, Terry shelves, plastic trunks, multipurpose boxes and practical waste bins for separate waste collection. All products are made of plastic, resin or metal, and are available with different characteristics and in different sizes. They are also modular, so as to adapt to all needs. There are also products for professionals, such as Terry toolboxes and small parts organizers, boxes and plastic containers with label holder.

In Mister Worker™ catalog you will find drawers for cabinets, multipurpose containers with lids, containers for plastic cabinets, Terry shoe cabinets, multipurpose boxes, products designed for indoor environments and for a comfortable arrangement of their accessories. They are resistant, transparent and multifunctional plastic containers, they are stackable and modular and their depth is also compatible with the cabinets.

On Mister Worker™ you will find a lot of special offers!

Store your garden tools in the comfortable and resistant Terry plastic cabinets, hide the recycling bags in the practical EcoCab cabinets, rearrange the children's room with the multipurpose trunks for toys: only on Mr. Worker™ you can always find lots of offers and promotions on everything from Terry catalog, with discounts up to 30%!

In the Terry Special Offers section you can find, for example, the Terry Vision 12 small parts organizer with 16 drawers: it is a self-assembling drawer unit with transparent drawers equipped with a label holder. It is made of shockproof thermoplastic resin, and has practical stops that prevent accidental fall in case of collisions. Perfect for screws, bolts and small parts of all kinds, it is the perfect ally for your workshop!

All Terry products available on Mister Worker™ are covered by official warranty

Mr. Worker™ is the online professional tool shop which guarantees the full manufacturer warranty: if you receive defective or damaged goods, we will replace it free of charge with a new and completely intact product. For any problem with your order, do not hesitate to contact Mister Worker™ customer serviceby sending an email to

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