Are you looking for non sparking wrenches, ratchets, sockets, hammers and other anti-explosion hand tools? Choose from the best anti-spark tools available on the market, designed and tested to guarantee maximum safety in the workplace: on Mister Worker™ you can find the full range of high quality non sparking tools by Facom, Stahlwille and Ampco Safety Tools!

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Buy the Best Non-Sparking Tools by Facom, Stahlwille and AMPCO Safety Tools Online on Mister Worker™

Mister Worker™ offers a comprehensive range of non sparking hand tools, mostly made of alloys such as aluminium bronze or copper-beryllium alloys, and they have therefore less tensile strength than traditional steel tools. The need of using such tools originates mainly when working for example on oil rigs or other environment at risk of explosion, where it’s necessary to reduce the risk of a spark as much as possible.
Only on Mister Worker™ you can find a selection of the best ATEX tools such as
non sparking wrenches, pliers, hammers, screwdrivers, ratchets and sockets by highly specialized brands, whose commitment is to provide workers with protection against fires and explosions in dangerous environments in which there may be sparks igniting flammable substances. In fact, Ampco Safety Tools, Facom and Stahlwille non sparking hand tools are designed paying special attention to the materials used. They’re exclusively made of non-sparking metals, aluminium bronze or copper beryllium alloys, so that the fall of a wrench, for example, produces just cold sparks that are not able to ignite any substance that may be present in the air, for example on a oil rig, where one single spark could be fatal.

ATEX Certified Non-Sparking Tools: Request a Quote or Buy Online!

All the spark-proof tools on Mister Worker™ are ATEX certified, a guarantee of their quality. The non sparking tools available on our website are specially treated to be anti-deflagrant and they have been designed in compliance with all the safety standards set by the European Union regarding the production of work equipment that will be used in places with a high risk of fire and explosion.
Buying non-sparking tools has never been this easy: purchase Facom, Stahlwille and Ampco tools online on Mister Worker and get them delivered wherever you are in the world! These tools will minimize risks, ensure the safety of your workforce and they will enable you to carry out professional and precise activities in dangerous environments in all safety.

If you or your company carry out work tasks in potentially dangerous areas such as oil rigs, safety is the number one priority: buy the specific non sparking tools that you need on Mister Worker™ with discounts up to -35%! Buy online or, if you’re planning to buy large quantities of explosion-proof tools, request for a custom quote: our sales department will prepare an ad hoc quotation tailored to your specific needs!