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Mister Worker™ is now an official Fischer fixings dealer. We ship the brand's entire catalog worldwide in order to provide professionals with everything they require anywhere they need it. Browse the complete range of products: universal fixings, chemical anchors, steel anchors, but also adhesives, tapes, sprays, foams and sealants. Choose what you want, in a few clicks!

You can buy this brand's fasteners directly on our site or you can contact one of our sales representatives to buy items in large quantities. .

Discover Fischer: the Fastening Systems Leader

The company was born more than 70 years ago as a small workshop located in the German Black Forest. Since then, the company has never stopped growing and developing. Now, it is globally recognized as one of the leading groups of companies in the sector of fastening systems. 

The brand's range of products goes from chemical fixing systems to wall plugs. With a range of more than 14.000 goods, it can be firmly said that the business has the ideal solution for every fixing problem. In fact, it has been widely chosen by professionals over the years. Whether you need anchors for heavy loads, or dowels for walls and cavities for do-it-yourself, Fischer will not disappoint you. In addition, all its array of items is mainly produced and developed in Germany.

On Mister Worker™ you can find a wide range of fixing systems such as screws, special products for composite thermal insulation systems, adhesives, sealants and foams. Moreover, the Mister Worker™ catalog includes: fwall anchors, duopower wall plugs, plasterboard fixings, chemical anchors and much more.

Mister Worker™ is a Fischer Official Worldwide Dealer

On Mister Worker™ you can easily buy the complete brand's catalog, and have the products shipped to you anywhere in the world. Thanks to Mister Worker™, you can have an entire range of universal fixings, chemical anchors, frame fixings for cement, wood, plasterboard and concrete but also adhesives, tapes, sprays and foams at your fingertips. In fact, Mister Worker™ is an official and authorized online dealer and it distributes tools and items in over 180 countries, from North America to the Middle East, from Europe to the Far East.

All items sold on Mister Worker™ are reliable, durable and manufacturer-certified. Discover the broad spectrum of expansion anchors, concrete screws, anchors for masonry and any other universal fastening of excellent quality. As well as the complete range of nylon fixings, mechanical fixings and chemical anchors, high performance anchors for securing in seismic areas, screws and connections for wood, fixings for plumbing, life lines, fixings for insulation, systems for plant engineering and hydraulics, building envelope systems, photovoltaic systems on roofs, flat roofs and facades.

Fischer Fasteners: the Reference Point for the Construction Industry

The brand's products have always been essential for structural engineers, planners, installers and designers in civil and industrial construction. Fischer’s fixings are the ideal choice for those professionals who are looking for cutting edge solutions which can boost their work to the next level. In fact, the group always put innovation first, with almost 2000 inventions and over 3000 patents. In addition, all fixings comply with European and international regulations to ensure safe and easy work to all professionals.

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