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Mister Worker™ is the online tool store for professionals where you can choose your Stahlwille professional torque control tools. You can find a wide assortment of professional torque wrenches, torque screwdrivers, gauges, pullers, specific tools for plumbing and electrical engineering, pincers, nippers, hammers and tool assortments.

German High-Quality Hand Tools

The history of Stahlwille dates back to 1862, when Eduard Wille decided to create a new company to produce a series of forged steel tools specifically for combustion plants. When the company is taken over by his sons in 1899, it starts to transform considerably: as early as 1901 a large number of tools for mechanics and shipbuilding are introduced, as well as highly professional tools for working on delicate machine tools. The production of tools is constantly growing year by year: the company starts to export about 80% of its production abroad, mainly to Europe, thus starting to set the basis for the international reputation it has today. In 1955, Stahlwille boasts a catalogue of over 3000 different tools, and the company begins to expand significantly.

Leader in Torque Control Tools

Today Stahlwille is one of the world's leading manufacturers of dynamometry: Stahlwille torque control tools are exported to 90 countries worldwide and are used in industry, automotive and aeronautics. They are chosen by the main facilities for their reliability and safety, as well as for their extreme precision. In addition, Stahlwille has been the first company in the sector of hand tools to be certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

Stahlwille Complete Catalogue on Mister Worker™

Mister Worker™ gives you the opportunity to choose all the Stahlwille work equipment from the latest catalogue: a large selection of electronic torque control wrenches, mechanical torque control wrenches, torque control screwdrivers, workshop carts, workbenches, toolboxes and much more. The flagship torque control tools of the brand are undoubtedly the electronic torque wrenches, such as the Sensotork 701. It is a highly professional tool with a very thin and compact shape, which allows measurements on reduced torques, starting from 1 N·m. In addition, it can measure in different measure units: N·m, cN·m, ft·lb, in·lb.

Angle torque control wrenches, such as the Manoskop 730D model, are also very popular. It is a patented torque wrench with a special switching ratchet wrench, equipped with a QuickRelease safety lock and an overload protection with an acoustic and optical warning signal. While using it, the wrench locks automatically, to prevent an unwanted change of the settings. It is sold in a practical plastic case, sturdy and resistant, with practical inserts for the handle, designed to withstand oils, greases and phosphate-based liquids.

Stahlwille Offers and Prices

You can find on Mister Worker™ every month the best Stahlwille offers on selected torque control tools, with discounts over 40%. We invite you to check frequently the Stahlwille Special Offers section to find the professional tools you need at the best price on the market and renew your work equipment in one click! You can also find convenient prices for workshop carts, torque control wrenches, toolboxes, assortments of torque control tools and classic tools, and many other work tools selected especially for you.

One of our unmissable Stahlwille offers is the famous Sensotork™ 701 electronic torque wrench w with a fine-toothed pawl. It is a compact and slim torque wrench, ideal for small torques, and allows you to take measurements independent of the point of attack of the force. Like all Stahlwille torque tools, it is sold with regular certification: in addition, there is the possibility to have additional functions with the Sensomaster 4 software, available free of charge upon registration on the official website of the brand. With this program you will have the possibility to set the tightening situation, evaluate the tightening process through colored LEDs, buzzer and vibration, set the calibration interval and, finally, keep in memory all the measurements you make.

Mister Worker™ is a Stahlwille Official Dealer: Products with Warranty

Mister Worker™ is the official reseller of Stahlwille on a global scale. Remember that all tools from this brand are covered by Stahlwille Warranty: this guarantees safety in all your choices. Plus, Mister Worker™ advice is to check frequently the Special Offers section in order to ensure for you the top-level choices with a competitive price. If you have any questions or need assistance, our experts are available for you: contact us and our customer service will take care of your case.

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Mister Worker™ is the point of reference for the community of maintenance professionals: electricians, plumbers, skilled workers and many other categories gather information on our blog pages a [...]

Discover the new Mister Worker™ offers: big orders, small prices!