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SALL material handling and storage

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Sall material handling and storage solutions for sale on Mister Worker™ 

Mister Worker™ is an official dealer of Sall material handling and storage products. Thanks to its expertise in the development of high-quality solutions, the company is now regarded as a point of reference for a large number of firms in Italy, its home country, and in many other countries around the world. From opening bottom containers to spill pallets, as well as tipping skips, on our online store you can find everything you need to keep your industry or warehouse safe, while also taking advantage of the best deals combined with an immediate delivery.

Sall: equipment of the highest safety standards

Founded in 1975, Sall is an Italian company dealing with the design, development as well as testing of industrial handling and storage systems, safe for both personnel and the environment. Over the years, the business has achieved numerous milestones, thanks to the constant study of customers' needs, together with its investment in technology, innovation, as well as in the development of new, cutting-edge products. 

In 2017, Sall entered Justrite Safety Group, an American multinational corporation leader in industrial safety, in order to make its assortment of safety products broader and more comprehensive.

The experience of the engineers in the company's R&D division  gives birth to solutions always characterized by the highest safety, resistance, plus effectiveness, without sacrificing the characteristic beauty of Italian design. Furthermore, all items, such as are created in compliance with existing regulations while being tested to ensure the highest level of safety for people and the environment. For these reasons, the company is cherished by all professionals looking for products of excellent quality, along with outstanding performances.

Discover the complete catalogue: pallets, tipping skips, containers and more

Our online store is constantly expanding its product range, in order to meet the different needs of customers. This is why we decided to include Sall’s solutions for the movement or stocking of materials, offering them at very special prices. From material handling and storing equipment, to waste management as well as spill containment items, our shop provides you with whatever you need.

One of the top-selling products of the Italian brand are spill pallets. Take a look, for example, at the SEN3010000 spill containment pallet for the storage of 200L drums, made of high-quality powder-coated carbon steel S235JR. This item is realized and tested for the safe storage of drums containing chemicals, as well as hazardous or polluting liquid substances.

Another successful class of products are containers for waste management. Check out the SMH154A00V steel drop bottom opening skip, which has an automatic closing and opening mechanism, along with the intelligent lock system, to ensure the most complete safety while working. 

Last but not least, discover the items included in the tipping skips category, such as the SMHLT0750B model for waste materials, feature a compact, durable construction design to facilitate manual handling of heavy loads (load capacity up to 2000 kg), optimize space and reduce the risk of cuts during manual operations.

Mister Worker™ is a Sall material handling and storage solutions official Worldwide Dealer 

As an official dealer, Mister Worker™ offers original products, shipping them in over 180 countries. If you would like to receive high-quality pallets, containers or tipping bins in the UK, USA, Canada or Australia, available for immediate delivery, all you have to do is to choose our shop! Every item provided by Mister Worker™ is guaranteed by the manufacturer and can be shipped at convenient prices plus in large quantities if necessary, by requesting a custom quote.