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ข้อเสนอพิเศษ โด STANLEY

Recognized worldwide as tools of the highest quality, Stanley tools have always been a guarantee of success for every professional. Mister Worker gives you the opportunity to buy them at a special price, to help you renew your work station and your toolbox with first choice products.


ข้อเสนอพิเศษ STANLEY

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All Stanley tools on offer are selected from the updated catalog Stanley 2018, to ensure you buy only the best: from the laser meter to the anti-vibration hammer, from the flexometer to the laser level, we see some examples of Stanley offer.

Stanley TLM50 laser meter

Compact, lightweight and economical, the Stanley TLM50 laser meter is the perfect solution for professionals and enthusiasts alike. It has a single easy-to-use button, used to take single or continuous measurements: the range is from 15cm to 15m, with an accuracy of ± 3mm. It takes measurements in millimeters and inches, and the TPE coating ensures maximum tool protection and a secure and comfortable grip. It is sold with batteries included in the package.

Stanley SLL 360 laser level

It is one of the best-selling Stanley laser levels ever. Self-leveling, it is ideal for horizontal and vertical leveling: it projects a horizontal 360 ° light, intersected by a vertical line, and is perfect for professional measurements in building sites or buildings under renovation. It has a precision ranging from 4mm to 10 meters, and a leveling range of ± 4 °. The package includes a tripod for maximum stability, a wall mount, an instruction manual and batteries, all contained in a professional carrying bag.

Stanley drawer chest with 30 drawers

A resistant polypropylene drawer unit with 30 small drawers, ideal for tidying small parts, small objects, gaskets and any other small object. The drawers open quickly and smoothly, ensuring fast access to every single product. In addition, it is a modular model of drawers: it can be stacked with other drawers of the same line, to create a custom and tidy wall at best. It also has the ability to be hung on the wall, so as not to occupy too much space on your workbench.

Stanley Fatmax rolling workstation

Made of metal and polypropylene, this tool trolley is composed of a box, two drawers and a large base. The upper cassette has a grooved lid and a removable tray, and can be separated with the push of a button. The drawers have steel guides with ball bearings, to ensure smooth sliding and a large load capacity. The fixed base with large wheels ensures maximum stability during transport, and the telescopic glove guarantees comfort and practicality.

Do not miss this unmissable Stanley offer: all tools are available in small quantities, and are updated periodically to give you the opportunity to try all the tools available in the catalog. If you need help during the purchase, and if you simply need more details on some Stanley tools, call us at +39 02 9143 3257 or send us an email to [email protected].