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Пневматические аксессуары USAG

Do you need USAG accessories for your pneumatic tools? In the Mister Worker™ catalog you will find the complete range of reducer fittings, extension for keys and sockets, as well as a wide selection of Impact USAG socket wrenches.

When working with pneumatic tools, it is always necessary to have specific accessories for the work to be done. On Mr. Worker™ you can find a wide selection of USAG impact accessories, perfectly compatible with all USAG pneumatic tools in the catalog.

The USAG 233 1/2 MNTX/C6 impact socket wrench series is definitely not to be missed: it is a set of six socket wrenches of different sizes contained in a practical and resistant sheet metal box, which allows you to take them with you without the risk getting damaged or damaged. It is ideal for those who often work on dice of various sizes. But in addition to the sets there are also single socket wrenches, reducer fittings and key extensions, to be chosen carefully based on the professional tool you are using and the work you must do.

Mister Worker™ gives you the opportunity to enrich your pneumatic tools with a series of accessories designed to meet different work needs. If you do not know how to choose, you want to know if an accessory is compatible with your pneumatic tool or simply want an advice, call us at 0291433257 or send an email to [email protected]. Our team of experts is ready to help you!