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Динамометрия STAHLWILLE

Do you want to buy Stahlwille torque tools online? On Mister Worker™ you can find all the new products from the Stahlwille 2018 catalog and a wide range of professional tools for dynamometry, all discounted compared to the list price.

When new dynamometers need to be purchased to renew their work equipment, it is very important to choose professional tools of high quality and easy to use. Stahlwille torque tools are the world's top-of-the-range: buying a dynamometric wrench or a quality torque screwdriver means investing, because if they are of high quality they last a long time, enrich the workplace and allow you to work very precisely.

One of the leading dynamometer tools in the Mister Worker™ catalog is the Stahlwille Sensotork® 701/2 torque wrench with a fine toothed pawl. It is a professional indication torque wrench with a slim and compact shape, ideal for small torques. It makes measurements independent of the force attachment point and with the Sensomaster 4 software that can be downloaded free of charge from the official Stahlwille website, it has additional functions: the possibility of setting the screwing situation, evaluation of the screwing process using colored LEDs and the possibility to set the calibration interval. It is sold with 3.6 V lithium battery and regular certification.

In the Mr. Worker™ catalog you will find all the Stahlwille torque tools you need at exceptional prices. If you want to know more or want advice on what to buy, write to [email protected]: our customer service is here for you!