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Установки для замены масла

The exhausted oil drain units are machines designed to quickly and easily recover the used oil from the vehicles and allow its correct disposal. In our catalog you will find a selection of exhausted oil drain units suitable for intensive and professional use in mechanical workshops or in industrial plants.


Установки для замены масла

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These machines are very useful to speed up the work of changing the oil on vehicles, because they allow you to do it in a simple and clean way. Here you can find fixed drain units, wheeled drain units, drain units for ground, drain units for pits, recovery trays and a wide range of accessories.

Wheeled oil drain units are ideal for those who work on various vehicles and need to move inside their workshop or the plant they work in, while the fixed ones are the best choice if you work in a small mechanical workshop; drain units for ground are perfect for the recovery of engine oil, which must then be quickly transferred into a storage tank; if, instead, you have to work on vehicles placed on the pit, you will also find some drain units for pits, which can be emptied through an emptying pump; finally, here you can also find a series of recovery tanks to replace the old ones and have a perfectly functioning product.