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Электронасосы adblue MECLUBE

Meclube electric pumps for AdBlue are specific professional pumps for working on all AdBlue fluids, which require materials of a certain type to be drained and replaced. Here you can find a wide range of these tools, as well as a series of accessories such as suction hoses, nozzles, connections and electric kits.

AdBlue is a registered trademark for AUS32, Aqueous Urea Solution 32.5%, and is used to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides from exhaust gases produced by all vehicles using a diesel engine. This solution reduces emissions by up to 90%, respecting the environment and reducing pollution: it is neither toxic nor inflammable nor dangerous to handle, but can be corrosive on some materials and must therefore be transported and stored in appropriate materials.

For this reason it is essential to use specific tools when dealing with this solution. On Mister Worker™ you can find Meclube manual pumps for AdBlue transfer, polyethylene tanks for AdBlue transport, electric diaphragm pumps, AdBlue suction pipes, adapters, fittings and various specific accessories, all produced with materials able to withstand all the AdBlue fluids.