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Устройство для очистки тормозов MECLUBE

If you work in a mechanical workshop and you often need to bleed the brakes of cars, motorcycles and heavy vehicles, you will surely know how important it is to have a professional bleeder in you work equipment. Here you can find a selection of Meclube brake bleeders and accessories, as well as some tools to purge the car clutch system.

It often happens that the level of brakes fluid inside the main cylinder is too low, and this can cause air bubbles inside the pipes: if this happens, the brakes lose efficacy and are no longer completely safe. For this reason, it is necessary to periodically clean the brakes of your vehicle.

On Mister Worker™ there are numerous professional brake bleeders available, ideal for working on any type of vehicle; tools to clean the clutch and the brakes, with 2 or 3 chamber and a capacity of 6 or 10 liter, made of stainless steel; accessories for bleeders, such as oil recovery tanks, plastic funnels, connecting pipes and adjustable brackets; and a series of caps, useful to ensure that your brakes and clutch cleaning equipment does not have any leaks.

Much appreciated by our customers is the Meclube 12V electric bleeder: completely in ABS, it has 5 screw caps and a universal type, a 1.5 liter tank and a 4 meter RILSAN spiral hose. It also comes with two 1-liter oil recovery tanks each with a 90 ° rubber tube and pipette, as well as a practical filling funnel.