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Полотна для сабельной пилы по другим материалам LENOX

LENOX has a selection of reciprocating saw blades for working on all types of materials, whether it is wood, metal, plastic or another kind. This page shows the most suitable blades for working on other materials, such as plasterboard.

Полотна для сабельной пилы по другим материалам LENOX

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The Bi-Metal Reciprocating Saw Blade is suitable for applications on different types of materials, from wood to plasterboard to metals. It is also suitable for firefighting applications. T2™ technology boasts a tooth configuration for longer life. The blade geometry is designed to create an aggressive angle of attack. The tapered shape helps to make cuts in the tightest spaces. The blade design minimizes friction and heat build-up,

Discover the entire Mister Worker™ catalogue to find the blades that best suit your needs: from the cutting of wood to the cutting of metal up to the blades for demolition. The large assortment available in the catalogue is shipped within 48 hours and is covered by the official LENOX warranty. In addition, the Mister Worker™ customer service and its experts are available to provide information and more details and help you in the process of choice.