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Полотна для сабельной пилы для сноса LENOX

For demolition work, you can rely on LENOX reciprocating saw blades: high quality products designed for higher performance and longer service life.

Полотна для сабельной пилы для сноса LENOX

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The carbide-tipped DEMOLITION CT™ reciprocating saw blade achieves the best performance on wood with nails and has a life 10x longer than the 6 TPI bimetallic blades. The high-performance carbides are welded with advanced technology to prevent tooth loss and extend the life of the blade. In the application of heavy demolition, in fact, the higher and thicker blade profiles compared to traditional blades have a longer life. Each tooth is precisely worked to cut the nails with ease.

Discover the entire Mister Worker™ catalogue to find the blades that best suit your needs: not only for demolition but also for the cutting of wood, metal and other materials. The large assortment available in the catalogue is shipped within 48 hours and is covered by the official LENOX warranty. In addition, the Mister Worker™ customer service and its experts are available to provide you with information and more details, and to help you in the selection process.