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Диски для резки 3M

On Mister Worker™ you can find the selection of discs for cutting 3M curated by our experts. Whatever is the material you have to work on, in this catalogue you can look for the most suited instrument for a better cut and longevity.

Диски для резки 3M

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Discover the Fibre Disc Cubitron™ II 987C: it’s indicated to work on metals and specified for stainless steel. 3M Cubitron™ II products raises the level of high-performance abrasives, with a grain that allows high cut-rates and exceptional outputs, if compared to conventional industrial ceramic abrasives. The pressure required is lower and result is better.

For a quick and uniform cut you can also use the Silver Cut Off Wheel, suitable for a variety of applications and best when used for metal pipes, tubes and flat sheets. The advantage of this disc is the 3M PSG (Precision Shaped Grain): its action of continuous fracturing into super-sharp points and edges guarantees the best cut result at a higher speed.

In the Mister Worker™ catalogue you can find 3M abrasive discs for cutting for all sorts of materials. If you need tools to cut different materials, Mister Worker™ is probably the place you have to be into: a large, curated choice of professional tools. All products available in the catalogue is shipped in 48 hours and is covered by warranty. Moreover, our customer service is available for you in case you have questions or request: just use the contact form and we’ll answer you as fast as we can!