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Leghe Di Alluminio Per Brasatura STELLA WELDING ALLOYS

In questa categoria sono presenti le leghe di Alluminio e di Zinco-Alluminio idonee per una brasatura a bassa temperatura dell’alluminio, oltreché a prestarsi molto bene per eseguire giunzioni di rame e alluminio, o di acciaio e alluminio.

Among the reasons for recommending aluminium and zinc-aluminium alloys, in addition to the low temperature of the latter, we would like to remind you that these alloys are free of Cadmium and Lead, and therefore comply with the European RoHS standard (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive-RoHS, regulation 2002/95/EC). This makes them excellent also for the fields of nutrition and medicine, as well as being widely used in mechanics, refrigeration and air conditioning. Among the most appreciated products are the Zinc-Aluminium alloy AlZn98 FC-NC (easy to use thanks to its low melting point, suitable for brazing aluminium with aluminium, or aluminium with copper, brass, stainless steel and other materials) and the Aluminium-Silicon alloy AlSi12 FC-NC (it does not require additional flux because already animated by a neutral, non-corrosive flux, it is ideal for brazing aluminium with aluminium or aluminium with stainless steel).