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The manoeuvre keys, commonly called wrenches, are available in a large number of models, with different characteristics depending on the use to which they are intended. In the Mister Worker™ catalog a wide selection of T-wrenches, pipe wrenches, combination wrenches, open-end wrenches and many other models is available.

The most used and known keys to maneuver are undoubtedly the open wrenches, also called spanners: they are keys that allow you to tighten or unbolt nuts and bolts in a very simple way. They are available in both fixed and adjustable models: if you choose a fixed fork wrench, you must be very careful to choose the right size, to avoid damaging the tool and the bolt or nut on which you need to operate. It is often useful to have a couple of keys to maneuver, since it happens that you are working on a nut equipped with a locknut. If you do not need to tighten too hard and you prefer to opt for adjustable spanners, the roller wrench is ideal: it is regulated by a roller and each model has a range of measures to which the key can be adapted. There are cases in which, however, various adjustable operating keys are required, because the bolts on which it is to operate are too different from each other and not included in the measuring ranges of the adjustable wrenches. To work on different types of nuts and bolts, the combination wrenches are also very useful: they are equipped with a fork end and a polygonal end to tighten nuts with hexagonal head.

A key to manoeuvre that is widely used and appreciated in the automotive industry is the pipe wrench, so-called because of its shape similar to a small tube. Thanks to its small size, the pipe wrench can be used simply and quickly even in small spaces; moreover, it can be mounted on a small ratchet to facilitate tightening and unscrewing of the bolts. Often the pipe wrenches are sold in sets with different interchangeable attachments to which to attach any extensions or adapters, allowing you to perform different types of jobs.

The large amount of operating keys in the Mister Worker™ catalog allows professionals in many industries to find the hand tools they need. Pipe wrenches, T-wrenches, polygonal wrenches, sector wrenches, combination wrenches, articulated sockets... a wide range to meet many professional needs.