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WIHA Tool sets

Complete Wiha Tool Sets Catalog: the Best Wiha Tool Kit Assortments for Professionals

On Mister Worker™ professionals can also choose from three main tool assortments categories: the 1000 V VDE insulated tool sets, the antistatic ESD tool sets and the mechanics tool sets. In the first category you can find a wide range of assortments of tools certified to work with high voltage electricity such as Wiha insulated screwdriver sets. In fact, Wiha VDE insulated tools are individually tested at 10,000 V and approved for 1000 V AC. You can decide whether you prefer to carry and organize your equipment in a case with wheels, in a tool backpack or just a tool pouch. What is sure is that your tools will be tidy and protected thanks to the robust Wiha cases. In the second category you can find tool assortments ideal for people who work with materials that are prone to electrostatic discharge on a regular basis. Check out all the different ESD tool assortments, for instance, you can find the famous SoftFinish® ESD screwdrivers assorted with other indispensable ESD equipment, all complying with the IEC 61340-5-1 ESD standard. On the other hand, in the mechanic tool sets, you can find all the most used tools such as the Wiha Slimvario screwdrivers, diagonal cutters, ratchets, combinations pliers and more of the Wiha line for mechanics.

Insulated Tool Sets: Check out the famous Tool Case Set Wiha XXL III

Another Wiha best selling product is the 44128 - Wiha Tool Case Set XXL III Electric 1000V. With an assortment of 100 insulated pieces the Wiha XXL provides the right tool for every situation: from ergonomic screwdrivers, innovative plier solutions and the slimVario® bit set to facilitate professionals' daily work. 

The Wiha XXL 3 comes with ample space for additional tools and lots of storage for small parts and machines and can also serve as a stable and slip-proof step for working in higher locations. It is made of tough polypropylene, which makes it robust and durable, you buy it once  and it lasts for years. In addition, you can bring it always with you in workshops and in construction sites thanks to its extra large wheels which rugged terrain or stairs.