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WIHA 1000V VDE Insulated tool sets

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1000V VDE Insulated tool sets WIHA

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What Is Great about Wiha 1000v VDE Insulated Toolsets?

Professional electricians need a wide variety of insulated tools for diverse purposes. Many conventional tool sets are not designed and manufactured with sufficient stability and adequate storage space to contain all the tools. In addition, fitting all necessary tools in an organized and manageable manner often requires more effort and time. But the WIHA 44128 electric tool set is designed and developed with an impressive tool assortment, adequate storage space, and absolute robustness - enabling you to fit all of your necessary tools in an orderly way that ensures easy access whenever you need them. The Wiha 1000v VDE insulated toolsets are engineered to provide an increased measure of protection against electric shock and diminish the possibility of arc faults that are caused by unanticipated short circuits. 

The WIHA 44128 is one of the best-performing toolsets offers efficient dividing inserts, lift up electric magazine bit holder, a set of torque screwdrivers, robust polypropylene case, up to 170mm installation pliers, professional high-impact nipper, and 200mm switchable dynamic joints - enabling you for simplified and increased quality of your work, maximum flexibility, increased efficiency, and improved health protection. This custom-made Wiha tool set electric is ideal for those who are looking for soft finished dowel holes, 6mm circular blades, LED pocket lamp, laser and UV light in blister packs, 3AAA battery pack, 7mm Allen shape, Craftsmen scissor, high-quality hex ball heads, professional electric cable cutter, high-profiled hose clamp, and needle-nose pliers. The WIHA 45153 offers robust durable backup, high-quality hand tools, 33*48*23cm dimension, greatest possible carrying comfort, and two-sided opening possibilities - allowing you for better work experiences and convenient accessibility of your tools. 

Explore the complete range of Wiha 1000v VDE insulated tool sets available on Mister Worker™. We offer a wide range of Wiha electric toolsets, WIHA 45153, WIHA 44128, and Wiha tool set 1000V VDE, deliver them all over the world no matter where you live. The WIHA 45153 - Tool Backpack Set L Electric 1000V (26 Pcs.) is one of the best-selling products in this category that comes with 33 cm width, 48cm height, 23cm depth, 7.34 kg weight, 160mm diagonal cutters, non contact volt detector, 150mm single pole, and 100mm electric slim Fix PlusMinus/Pozidriv that is perfect for DIY projects, craftsmanship, and any lengthy work sessions.

The WIHA 44128 - Tool Case Set XXL III Electric 1000V (100-Pcs.) is another best-selling product that comes with a V-shape incision,16mm^2 automatic stripping tool, 150mm saw blades, 300g hammerhead, 12*200mm screwdriver, 40cm electrician spirit level, 10-pcs in fluorescent color, 80 to 100 mm electric slim Fix PlusMinus/Pozidriv SL/PZ1, and self-rotating drag blade - enabling you for easy maintenance, rust resistivity, increased flexibility, maximum efficiency, increased productivity, and reduced costs. The WIHA 44574 - Toolset Electrician Mixed 1000V Included Belt Pouch (18-Pcs.) comes with 1.5*50mm and 2.5*65mm fine slotted electric screwdriver, 5m measuring tape, 260mm width, 3mm push-on clip, and 10 segmented folding rulers - allowing you for accurate measurements and marking, improved safety, superior protection against electricity, and more simplified work experiences.