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WIHA Screwdrivers and bits

Wiha Screwdrivers: Perfect for industry professionals, model making or craftspeople 

Discover the Wiha range of non-insulated screwdrivers offered by Mister Worker™. We offer the entire catalog to satisfy every need and we ship it anywhere in the world. Wiha screwdrivers are widely chosen by professionals and DIY all around the world because they are designed with the end users in mind to reach the final goal of satisfying every type of professional need.  Wiha Screwdrivers are highly performative, available in different sizes and with any drive. Therefore, they are perfect for different types of end-users such as electricians, craftspeople, industry professionals or modelling workers.

Wiha range of screwdrivers goes from Impact Screwdrivers, Wiha Nut Drivers, Wiha nut driver set, slotted screwdrivers, crosstip screwdrivers, to Wiha TORX® screwdrivers or hexagon screwdrivers, Wiha torx set, Wiha torx bit set and screwdrivers with bit holders. Even though, these are only some of the types available in the wide Wiha screwdriver catalog of Mister Worker™. 

Wiha Screwdrivers and Bits Complete Catalog on Mister Worker™

Mister Worker™ offers multiple Wiha screwdriver sets that can differ in number or in screwdriver characteristics. Our catalog includes screwdrivers made for wet and oily environments (MicroFinish® screwdrivers), others made for dry employment (Wiha SoftFinish® screwdrivers) and precision screwdrivers. Moreover, Wiha developed special screwdrivers made for professionals who operate in constricted environments such as the famous Stubby Wiha screwdriver, perfect for these kinds of situations. It ensures high screwing performance to the user with the smallest operating space. Wiha range of screwdrivers is distinguished and recommended by all professionals around the world. They are designed with handles that fit perfectly in the hand, ensuring precision, practicality and comfort to ensure pain-free work for users.

Check out the Wiha 27713 Screwdriver set, it comes with interchangeable blade set system hexagonal nut drivers and a roll-up bag to store and organize the blades. It simplifies the work with its length adjustable blades and it increases your efficiency thanks to its innovative fastening system.

Discover also Wiha MicroFinish® 29158, it comes with a striking cap integrated into the handle to simplify your work and an anti-slip handle that helps you when working in oily and wet applications. Increases your efficiency: Unique Wiha handle-length concept for optimum balance of torque and control.

Great Deals for WIHA Screwdrivers, Screwdriver sets and WIHA screwdriver bits

All Wiha screwdrivers are essential for any kind of professional and thanks to Mister Worker™ you can buy the entire range and have it shipped to you in a few days! Browse also the other Wiha tools available on Mister Worker™ and purchase them at the best price: 1000v Vde Insulated Tools, Allen Keys, Antistatic Esd Tools, Cutting And Countersink Bits, Electronics And Electrotechnics, Hammers And Mallets, Measuring Tools, Pliers And Diagonal Cutters, Tool Boxes And Flashlights, Tool Sets and Torque Tools. 

Leaf through our website to discover more and, if you need more details about any Wiha tool or you require a custom quote, contact our sales representatives! We will be happy to help you choose the best tools for your needs!