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WIHA Pliers and diagonal cutters

Wiha Pliers and Diagonal cutters Complete Catalogue

The demand for Wiha pliers, tricuts, side cutters, linesman pliers, plier sets, and diagonal cutters is increasing more and more because of their longer life span, angled head design, forged axel rivet, induction-hardened cutting edges, anti-rust coating, ultra-compact size, and multi-zone bi-material grips for maximum flexibility. With Wiha pliers, you can quickly and efficiently cut steel wires up to a thickness of 1/16 inches and copper up to 9 gauges with the highest accuracy, comfort, and less effort. The Wiha cutters come with an ergonomic design - allowing you to perform any heavy-duty tasks without getting pressure on your wrist and hands, even if you need to work for longer hours. 

The custom-made Wiha pliers set comes with high-quality diagonal cutters, oblique end cutting nipper, and needle-nose pliers that are ideal for professional workers who are looking for various cutting applications with power slot technology, 50% more cutting power, 30% bigger grips, and self-opening design for easier cuts. The Wiha side cutters come with a cutting capacity of 18 AWG, superior stainless steel body with 57C hardness, approx. 0.39 inches long jaws, properly aligned blades, and professional flush cutting snips - enabling you to cut small wires, zip ties, with maximum precision and less effort. 

Wiha lineman's pliers come with a versatile and extra-long cutting edge for different flat and round cables, 40% more cutting force, insulated cushion grip handles for easier handling, and DynamicJoint® design that reduces the extra effort required for more precise and flawless cutting. The Wiha tricut is a one-of-a-kind hand tool that is perfectly suitable for performing three different tricky tasks such as cutting to length, stripping, and skinning with just one tool. Whether you are looking for long-lasting pliers, best performing tricuts, side cutters, pliers sets, linesman pliers, or even cutters, when you choose Wiha, you can rest assured that you can work on your projects with maximum accuracy, comfort, increased efficiency, less effort, and reduced costs. 

Explore the complete range of pliers and diagonal cutters available on Mister Worker™. We provide a wide range of Wiha cutters, Wiha pliers set, Wiha side cutters, Wiha linesman pliers, and Wiha tricuts and ship them all over the world, no matter where you live. If you need to buy high-quality and long-lasting pliers and diagonal cutters, check out our complete range of Cable and bolt cutters, circlip pliers, crimping pliers, diagonal cutters, end nippers, and Revolving Punch Pliers. 

The Wiha 40712 - heavy-duty classic Monier plier is one of the best-selling products in this category that comes with a maximum diameter of 2.3mm, hardened spring steel of 2.3mm, small narrow design, 19 cutting force, and a total length of 300mm - enabling you for twirling even in low-lying binding wires, easier handling, and reduced muscles and joints with its 28% lesser cutting power. The Wiha 39374 – Bolt Cutter classic is another best-selling product in this category that comes with an overall length of 450mm, 6mm hardened spring steel, 6 cutting force, a maximum diameter of 6mm, and maximum hardness of 40HRC - allowing you for cutting various cylindrical objects such as pins, bolts, rivets, and wires with less effort, increased productivity, and maximum accuracy without giving much pain or stress in your palms.