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WIHA Measuring tools

Wiha Measuring Tools Complete Catalogue

Wiha measuring tools such as Wiha electrician's spirit level, calipers, and folding rulers are becoming more and more popular because of their perfect measurement range, higher accuracy, high-quality stainless-steel, greater resolution, and water-resistant abilities. The Wiha electrician’s spirit level is a heavy-duty, long-lasting, and professional-grade tool - allowing you for more precise work with affordable cost and easy maintenance. With the Wiha levels, you can see the bubbles easily in spirit levels, even from an acute angle, and can do the markings without stopping because of the provided end-to-end casing. The Wiha calipers offer measurement capacity up to 300mm, a pretty large LCD screen, one battery with one extra replacement, and a stainless-steel body with three measuring modes - enabling you to measure more efficiently in inches, fractions, and millimeters. Whether you are looking for long-lasting electrician's spirit levels, calipers, or folding rulers, when you choose Wiha, you can rest assured that you can work on your projects with maximum precision, increased productivity, less effort, and reduced costs. 

Discover the complete range of measuring tools available on Mister Worker™. We provide a wide range of Wiha levels, Wiha calipers, Wiha rulers, Wiha electrician’s spirit level, and Wiha folding rulers and deliver them worldwide. If you need to buy the best-performing and long-lasting measuring tools, check out our complete range of Wiha calipers, folding rulers, and levels. The Wiha 31439- analog caliper dialmax ESD is one of the best-selling products in this category that comes with non-metallic and high-tech materials, measurement capacity of 6 inches and 150mm, display diameter of 35 mm, 60% fiber-glass content, and 7.5 mm of numeral height - enabling you to work with all electrostatically endangered components with maximum accuracy and higher efficiency.

The Wiha 42068- electrician’s long-life folding ruler is another best-selling product in this category that comes with 3 flush boxes, UV light, and bend-proof ability with a width of 15 segments - allowing you to simplify your work with absolute precision, lower your total costs, and perform several complex tasks even in a dim light environment quickly and efficiently. The Wiha 27083- calipers climax comes with a measurement capacity of 6 inches and 150 mm, 50% fiber-glass content, and reading capacity of 0.1 mm as well as 1/64 inch - enabling you for a complete parallax-free reading, good contrast for simple reading, and can be used for all kind of work with electrostatically endangered components.