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WIHA Hammers and mallets

Wiha Electricians Hammers and Mallets Complete Catalogue

The Wiha Hammers and Mallets are becoming more and more popular because of their impressive weight distribution, sturdiness, ergonomic handles, easy penetration of hard-to-reach areas, and capacity to remove any fastening element without causing any damage to surrounding surfaces. The Wiha hammers are designed and manufactured with flat claws, a drop-forged steelhead, and a plastic soft-grip handle - allowing you to access any hard-to-reach areas for removing or unfastening nails and nails clamps fast, efficiently, and effortlessly without any hindrances. These custom-made hammers are the perfect choice for professional electricians who are looking for perfect balance through effective handling, improved access in confined working environments, and ensuring the cables and dowels are perfectly fitted into position without any form of damage. 

The Wiha mallets come with non-metallic, round-shaped designs and are made of hard hickory wood that delivers a softer impact than the conventional hammers - enabling you to customize the hardness of your mallets effortlessly to meet your specific needs. These custom-made Wiha mallets are the perfect choice for those who are looking for the best-performing hammer faces for a wide variety of woodworking, different tile-laying, or even sheet metalworking. The Wiha electricians hammer comes with a square and round head shape that makes it a perfect choice for performing tasks in any confined working environment. With these Wiha hammers, you can access any tight spaces for a smooth operation that will not leave unwanted marks on the surrounding surfaces. The Wiha elektrikerhammer comes with a non-slip handle, sturdy head with a long-lasting claw head, and balanced weight distribution -enabling you to remove any fastening elements such as nail clamps, positions cables, and dowels with less effort and flexibility. 

Discover the complete range of hammers and mallets available on Mister Worker™. We provide a wide range of Wiha electrician's hammers, elektrikerhammers, and Wiha mallets, and deliver them worldwide. If you need to buy high-quality and long-lasting hammers or mallets, check out our complete range of Dead Blow Mallets, Hammers, and Mallets. The Wiha 02101 - sledgehammer no recoil medium hard with hickory handle and round striking head is one of the best-selling products in this category that comes with a total length of 880mm - 1000mm, hammer face diameter of 80 mm - 100 mm, and hammerhead height of 205 - 210 - allowing you to simplify your work with optimum impact effect and less effort and lowers your costs with ergonomic hickory wooden made handle and hammerhead. 

Unlike the conventional hammers, the one-of-a-kind Wiha sb846300e electricians hammer is another best-selling product that comes with a U-shaped striking surface, 14.96 x 0.98 x 5.51 inches dimensions, and ‎metric measurement system - allowing you to access tight spaces, difficult-to-reach spots, and confined corners to pull nails or any other element quickly and effortlessly from the wall. Wiha 26422 Face Medium-Soft Round Millet for Soft Faced Safety Hammer comes with a hammer face diameter of 30 mm -80 mm and medium-soft materialhärte (black) and is ideal for various tasks such as light gardening, tile laying, drywall construction, landscaping setting tasks, tile laying, and curbstone setting. Discover the best-selling Wiha 42071 - electrician's hammer with 300 g head in blister pack, it is made for use in confined working environments thanks to the combination of a square and round head shape and, with its perfectly balanced weight distribution, it promises perfect delivering impact and error and fatigue-free work.