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WIHA Antistatic ESD tools

Wiha Antistatic ESD Tools, Pliers, Tweezers, and ESD Screwdriver Set Complete Catalog

The demand for Wiha Antistatic ESD tools such as Wiha torquevario ESD, Wiha system 4 ESD, Wiha tweezers, and Wiha ESD screwdriver set is increasing more and more because of their capability to avoid the ESD effect and protect different devices and tools from disrupting that leads to increased reliability and longer life span of the systems. Wiha ESD tools protect the workers from electronic shocks that are usually harmful - allowing you to work in a shockproof and safer environment. Wiha ESD Sets have inbuilt connections with the ground to release the static electricity through the earthing points and cables that help to dissipate ESD in a much faster and safer way. Wiha torquevario ESD works as an active neutralizer for the threat posed by static electricity by preventing ESD events and discharging the static charges to ensure a safer and risk-free work environment.

Wiha tweezers are the perfect choice for professional workers in the engineering industries who are looking for a safer device to deal with electronic systems such as computer parts, TVs, and automobiles. For a better experience, these tweezers are made from high-quality stainless steel with unique features such as antistatic, anti-magnetic, and antacid. On the other hand, the Wiha ESD screwdriver sets come with pure manual polishing, increased work efficiency, and highly convenient tools that provide you the fine craftsmanship that is perfectly suitable for all kinds of electronic components. Wiha ESD sets come with a wide range of sizes and pointy shapes - enabling you to work on your projects with a high temperature, less effort, increased productivity, and less time. Whether you are looking for torquevario ESD, tweezers, or even ESD screwdriver set, when you choose Wiha, you can rest assured that you can work on your projects more smoothly, safely, and with less time and effort.

Discover the complete range of Antistatic ESD tools available on Mister Worker™. We provide a wide range of Wiha tweezers, Wiha ESD screwdriver sets, Wiha torquevario ESD, and Wiha system 4 ESD and deliver them worldwide. If you need to buy high-quality antistatic ESD tools for your next projects, check out our complete range of Antistatic ESD Pliers And Cutting Nippers, Antistatic ESD Screwdriver Sets, Antistatic ESD Screwdrivers, Antistatic ESD Torque Screwdrivers, Bits And Accessories For Esd Tools, and Antistatic ESD Tweezers. 

The Wiha 36851-Torque screwdriver is one of the best-selling products in this category that comes with a handle diameter of 23mm, handle length of 127mm, torque range of 0.04-0.46 Nm, and 4mm Wiha Torque interchangeable blades - enabling you to cover a wide range of applications, control screw tightening, and ensure variable torque settings can be made with ease. It has a surface resistance between 106 and 109 ohm that guarantees a better grip experience, and its integrated numeric scale helps you deal with various appliances very easily and comfortably. The Wiha 33521-Professional ESD diagonal cutters is another best-selling product in this category that comes with a maximum diameter of 1mm, an overall length of 4 ½ inches, soft wire of 1mm, and total length of 115mm - allowing you for optimal accessibility even for those areas that are difficult to access, its opening spring reduces your strain from continuous work, and its narrow pointed plier head guarantees smooth and effortless work.