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WIHA Allen keys

Wiha Allen Keys and Hex Keys Complete Catalogue

The Wiha Allen keys, and hex keys are becoming more and more popular because of their use in a variety of industries and factories such as manufacturing aircraft, automobiles, motorcycles, repairing bicycles, assembling furniture, and repairing heavy tools and different pieces of machinery. These high-quality and best-performing Wiha Allen wrenches are ideal for professional workers who are looking for seamlessly loosening or fastening screws and bolts. These professional hand tools are characterized by a piece of hexagonal rod made of hard steel, with blunt ends to adequately fit into the screw socket and is bent in an L shape. 

These custom-made Wiha Allen keys are the perfect choice for those who are looking for highly efficient and long-lasting keys that can work in confined spaces where a normal socket wouldn’t be able to reach. The Wiha Allen key fits inside the fixing rather than outside - making it a highly effective tool for larger fixings that require a lot of force to tighten. The Wiha Allen key set offers different sizes of keys  - allowing you to choose what key will fit for whatever task you want to perform. The Wiha hex keys come with the best-performing and long-lasting wrench that handles twisting pressure of loosening and tightening screws and bolts that are made of chrome vanadium steel and carbon steel for higher inherent and tensile strength - enabling you to prevent any forms of rust. 

Explore the complete range of Allen keys sets and Allen keys with flag and key handle available on Mister Worker™. We provide a wide range of Wiha Allen keys, Wiha Allen key sets, Wiha color-coded allen keys, Wiha Allen wrenches, and Wiha Hex key sets and deliver them all over the world, no matter where you live. The Wiha L-key set in ProStar holder matt chrome-plated hexagonal ball end with short shaft (10-pcs.) is one best-selling product in this category. It comes with reduced length in the short arm of L-key, 95-degree bend in the L-key, hexagonal ball end on the long shaft, ProStar holder, and hanging bracket on the holder - allowing you to improve access to tight spaces, increase your manual workspace by 30%, make it easier for you to access screws, and delivers easy L-key removal. 

The Wiha L-key set in Ergostar holder hexagonal ball end in luminescent color in blister pack (10-pcs.) is another best-selling product in this category that comes with a high-quality ErgoStar holder, a clamping mechanism, and colored keys - enabling you to easily identify the keys even in the dark with a UV light and ensure that the keys don’t fall out regardless of whether the keyholder is open or closed. Its spring steel ring from MagicRing® helps you hold all standard hex screws firmly in any position without any magnets and the hexagonal ball end enables you to loosen or tighten screws effortlessly at an angle of up to 25 degrees