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WIHA 1000V VDE insulated screwdrivers

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1000V VDE insulated screwdrivers WIHA

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Wiha 1000V VDE Insulated Screwdrivers Complete Catalogue

The Wiha 1000V VDE insulated screwdrivers are well known globally because of their longer service life, extra-long rotating cap, careful workmanship, controlled power transmission, long and slim handle design, soft and comfortable grip, quick-turning zone, printed screwdriver symbols, and perfect cutting strength. Wiha Picofinish screwdriver is one of the best-performing electrical fine screwdrivers that are perfectly suitable for delicate and high-precision fastening jobs for any electrical installations and live parts. Wiha Softfinish electric screwdrivers come with a variety of head styles such as flat, Phillips, pozidriv, square, Torx, and hex - enabling you for exceptional strength, peak performance, convenient key ring arrangement, color-coded system, ultra-low profile design, accessible cramped spaces, and durable alloy steel body. 

These tailor-made Wiha Softfinish 1000v screwdrivers are ideal for those who are looking for general carpentry, construction jobs, any DIY projects, electronic repairing, or mechanical work. These high-quality VDE insulated screwdrivers are engineered with sturdy and rigid head models, cushion-grip handle, flexible shaft, single handle system, anti-static tweezers, and metallic ruler - allowing you for increased efficiency and optimum flexibility. The Wiha Pico finish 1000v screwdriver comes with precise screw fastenings, IEC 60900 certified, unique wide handle-length, optimum torque balance, and ergonomic handle design with a soft zone - enabling you for more comfortable and safe working on live parts up to 1000 V AC and accurate selection of screwdriver profile. The Wiha Pico finish electric screwdriver is the perfect choice for professional workers who are looking for a stress-free working experience, 33% slimmer Wiha blades, protective insulation, protected access to deep set screws, low-lying screws, tough spring elements, roll-off protection, maximum flexibility, improved safety, and increased efficiency.  

Discover the complete range of Wiha 1000v VDE insulated screwdrivers on Mister Worker™. We offer a wide range of Wiha Softfinish electric, Wiha Softfinish 1000v, Wiha Picofinish electric, and Wiha Pico finish 1000v screwdrivers, and deliver them worldwide. The WIHA 42376 - PICOFINISH® Electric Fine Screwdriver Slotted 1000V is one of the best-selling products in this category that comes with a total length of 167 mm, 0.4 mm cutting strength, 2.5 mm slotted, 2.5 mm round blade diameter, 65 mm visible blade length, and 18 mm handle diameter - allowing you for uninterrupted work experiences, longer tool life, smooth-running rotating cap, and meticulously working without damaging the workpiece.

WIHA 41141 - Screwdriver Softfinish® Electric 1000V Slim fix Torx® Tamper Resistant is another best-selling tool in this category that comes with a total length of 204 mm, 23 mm handle diameter, 100 mm visible blade length, T10H Torx® tamper resistivity, SL/PH1 Phillips plus-minus, 10.2 mm outer diameter, and 5.5 mm hexagon head - enabling you for convenient magnetic head tips, strenuous jobs, higher efficiency, increased productivity, and maximum comfort. The WIHA 32396 - Screwdriver Softfinish® Electric 1000V Square comes with a total length of 211 mm, 30 mm handle diameter, 100 mm visible blade length, #1 Robertson internal square, 2,3 inches internal square, 14.5 mm outer diameter, SoftFinish® handle design, and slim blades - allowing you for increased safety, enhanced versatility, and protected access to deep-set screws with less effort and time.