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WIHA 1000V VDE Insulated pliers, diagonal cutters and wire strippers

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1000V VDE Insulated pliers, diagonal cutters and wire strippers WIHA

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Wiha 1000v VDE Insulated Pliers, Diagonal Cutters, and Wire Strippers Complete Catalogue

When it comes to working on live parts and components, your safety is the top priority because hazards such shocks can result in death. Most of the conventional electric pliers, cutters, and wire strippers are not designed and manufactured with extra-long plier heads, non-slip grips, or chrome-plated plier heads to provide you adequate protection you need against unanticipated electrical accidents. But Wiha electric pliers are engineered with ergonomically shaped multi-component handles with higher anti-slip protection to provide you the ultimate safety against electricity. The Wiha electric pliers are designed with extra-long plier heads that are perfectly suitable for inserting low-lying parts and components with superior safety and maximum comfort. These best-performing Wiha pliers are intended to provide you a safe and non-slip grip in any work situation. 

The Wiha electric plier sets are the perfect choice for professional electricians who are looking for increased work efficiency, improved health protection, effortless cutting, easy slicing of soft and hard wires, rust protection, safe and non-slip gripping in all work situations, and increased safety against electricity. The Wiha electric water pump pliers are manufactured with innovative angled heads, 50% lesser weight, extra wide back, integrated soft and hard zones, curved handle ends, forged axle rivet, and anti-rust coating - enabling you for lower maintenance costs, longer service life, 30% bigger grips, 40 % more cutting power, 100% efficiency, and reduced stress on hands

These custom-made Wiha electric pliers, cutters, and wire strippers, and water pump pliers are ideal for those who are looking for superior health safety, maximum efficiency, complete protection against electricity, and lowered costs. Wiha electric wire strippers offer beveled jaw tips, plastic dipped cushion handles, anti-slip clamp, hardened teeth, black electrophoretic and polished finish, corrosion-resistant strength, and special barrier that ensures strong pulling, great versatility, increased ductility, improved edge retention, and prevention of any accidental squeeze of fingers. Wiha electric water pump pliers are made with tough forged steel body, cross-hatched jaws, clever compound lever mechanism, and heat-treated joint rivet that ensure smooth and consistent operation, heavy-duty usage, and higher efficiency at a lower cost. 

Discover the complete range of Wiha 1000v VDE insulated pliers, diagonal cutters, and wire strippers available on Mister Worker™. We offer a variety of Wiha electric cutters, Wiha electric pliers, Wiha electric wire strippers, Wiha electric water pump pliers, and Wiha electric plier sets, and deliver them worldwide. The WIHA 40922 - Industrial Electric 1000V Heavy-duty Diagonal Cutters with DYNAMIC JOINT®  is one of the best-selling products in this category that comes with a total length of 160 mm, included blister pack, 6,5 inches overall length, 17 cutting force, 2 mm maximum diameter, 3.5 mm medium hard wire, 2.5 mm hardwire, switchable open spring, and DIN ISO 5749 certification. It enables you for both horizontal and vertical serrations, instant screw fixing, heavy-duty usage, proper mating and shearing, maximum comfort, increased productivity, and complete protection against electricity.

The WIHA 26705 - Combination Pliers Professional Electric 1000V with DYNAMIC JOINT® is another best-selling product in this category that comes with 160 mm total length, 6 ½ inches overall length, 15 cutting force, 1.6 mm maximum diameter, 2mm hardwire, 1.6mm hardened spring steel, extra-long cutting edge for peak performance, and special DynamicJoint® design that reduces the effort required for cutting. The WIHA 33520 - Professional Electric Water pump Pliers 1000V comes with 50 mm spanner size, 250 mm total length, VDE certification, 2 inches pipe diameter, 1k V AC maximum operating voltage, and 403 g gross weight - allowing you for fast and effortless storage, maximized user input, and reduced costs with increased efficiency.