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WIHA 1000V VDE Insulated bits

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1000V VDE Insulated bits WIHA

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Wiha 1000V VDE Insulated Complete Catalogue

The blade diameter of most conventional electric screwdrivers is usually too large - limiting you to reach low-lying screws. As a result, you are required to spend more time and effort on these low-lying screws. But thanks to Wiha slim TECHNOLOGY, it allows you to reach low-lying screw and spring elements in no time with less effort. The Wiha insulated bit set is engineered with a compact slim bit box, 33% slimmer blades, 2 mm to 6 mm electric bit hex, larger blade diameter, integrated insulation, and 6 mm slimBits - enabling you for fastening deep-set screws, easy access to low-lying screws, prevention of material damage, and increased efficiency. Wiha bits 1000V is one of the best-selling insulated bites that come with 3.8 to 5.5 mm maximum torque value, up to 75 mm total length, 0.4 to 1 mm cutting strength, 1.5 to 6.5 mm slotted, 0.4 to 5.5 Nm torque value, VDE torque system, insulated ergonomic cushion grip, and slim torque VDE bit holder - allowing you for more secure fastening, maximum productivity, increased flexibility, and improved protection against electricity.

These custom-made Wiha insulated bits are the perfect choice for professional workers who are looking for dual durometer extrusion, perfectly molded handles, proportional size, exact fit precision machined tip, consistent mechanical advantage, labeled drive tip profiles, easy identification, black oxide finish, and parallel flats. The Wiha electric bits offer ASTM F1505 standard specifications, NFPA-70E standards for electrical safety, CSA testing benchmarks, and protection against arc flash explosion that makes it perfect for a wide variety of projects such as general carpentry, construction jobs, any DIY projects, electronic repairing, and mechanical work. 

Explore the complete catalog of Wiha 1000V VDE insulated bits on Mister Mister Worker™. We offer a wide range of Wiha insulated bit sets, Wiha slim bit, Wiha electric bits, Wiha bits 1000V, and Wiha insulated bits, ship them worldwide. The WIHA 37222 - Slimbit Electric Bit 1000V Hexagonal is one of the best-selling products in this category that comes with a 6 mm internal hexagon diameter, 75 mm total length, VDE certification, 6.75 inches OAL torque blade holder, and hardened steel body - allowing you for optimum control and comfort, best wear resistance, improved safety, higher work efficiency, and increased productivity.  

The WIHA 43117 – Slim bit Electric Bit 1000V POZIDRIV is another best-selling product in this category that comes with PZ0 Pozidriv, 0.5 Nm maximum torque value, 6 mm slim bits, 6 mm internal hexagon diameter, and 75 mm total length - enabling you for extensive interchangeable bit system, increased health protection, slotted, Phillips, hexagon and square head types, and exact fit black tips. The WIHA 43153 - Slimbit Electric 1000V BIT SET TORX® Included slim bit box (7-Pcs.) comes with electric bit TORX® T8, electric bit TORX® T9, electric bit TORX® T10, electric bit TORX® T15, electric bit TORX® T20, and slim Bit electric bit TORX® T25 - allowing you for easy access and an optimal view of profiles, full protection, easier handling, and maximum comfort.