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Mister Worker® is a Wiha tools official distributor, specialized in the sale of tools to business customers, that knows how to please even the most demanding client. From screwdriver sets to allen wrenches, and torque screwdrivers, as well as bits and pliers. On our website you have also the chance to buy the electric screwdriver Speed E, which is one of the best-selling articles of the German brand.

Mister Worker® only supplies high quality and guaranteed tools. You can also buy and ship large quantities of products worldwide at affordable and discounted prices. To request a custom quote contact one of our sales representatives.

Mister Worker® is a Wiha USA Official Worldwide Dealer  

Mister Worker® is an official Wiha supplier offering international shipping on the complete catalog of high quality hand tools. Our online shop serves customers from over 180 countries, from North America to the Middle East, from Europe to the Far East. Are you looking for the brand's tools in the United States, Canada or anywhere else? Mister Worker® is the distributor where you can buy premium quality tools for industrial applications, tool sets for electricians and the maintenance of electric vehicles.

Discover the complete catalogue: the best insulated tools, screwdriver sets, torque screwdrivers, allen wrenches and more

The company is one of the leading German tool manufacturers. It was founded over 80 years ago, it started as a small family-owned business and it grew to become an international company with factories in Europe, Asia and the US.

Professionals choose this brand because it offers a wide selection of high-quality premium hand tools. Using the latest manufacturing technologies, the company produces top quality and innovative screwdrivers, pliers and diagonal cutters, hammers and mallets (such as the electricians hammer 42071), allen wrenches as well as tool cases. These products are characterized by ergonomic superiority, reliability and a long service life.

On Mister Worker®, you can buy online a wide range of tools and sets, including 1000V VDE insulated tools and ESD safe tools. Moreover, the catalog also includes torque tools and accessories, measuring tools, as well as toolboxes.

As an example of what you can find on our website, we would like to mention the screwdriver 38613. The bit magazine in the handle offers space for 6 standard slimBits and can be removed by pushing a button, so that bits can be easily extracted. Also look at the allen keys set 41979, capable of locking all hexagon head screws without a magnet, and the insulated tool set 43465 Slimvario®, ideal for working in various areas, such as construction sites, solar installations and electrical panels. Among the most popular products we can mention the tool set 42069 1000V in a case, which contains an assortment of 116 pieces. Thanks to the wide variety of tools included in this set, you will always be able to complete any job. The case containing these tools is large, robust and has a lid with a brake for optimized safety. This XXL 2 set can be transported with great comfort thanks to its highly stable wheels. See also the pliers 26799 ESD: thanks to its high-quality half-round jaws, it is suitable for gripping and bending with precision in the electronics sector.

Wiha tools: perfect solution for Electricians, E-Mobility, and Industry

The firm guarantees the safe working for electricians and electronics technicians, in fact the VDE Insulated Tools are individually tested at 10,000V AC and confirmed for use at 1000V AC. Another field where the company is highly specialized is the EV. It is important to guarantee the safety of the work against electricity usage. On Mister Worker® you can find a variety of tools that will provide you with a full equipment to safely work with electric and hybrid vehicles. Also read our article on the best tools for electric cars on the Mister Worker® blog. You will learn everything you need to know about the maintenance of electric vehicles and the most suitable tools for this purpose.

The brand's catalog also includes hand tools for industrial applications with a wide assortment of impeccably performing tools. Wiha torque tools are essential for many professional workers, from mechanics to electricians and electronics technicians. In particular, torque screwdrivers, which enjoy great success among professionals, combine precision and reliability. Moreover, they meet the highest quality standard in order to allow you to get your job done without damaging any component.

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