WERA Ratchets and sockets

Wera is renowned for its precision, durability, and ease of use. Their ratchets and sockets, including the innovative Zyklop ratchets and METAL ratchets with switch levers, are designed for professionals seeking top-notch tools in their toolbox.

Wera Hand Sockets

Wera offers a wide range of socket sizes, including 1/4", 1/2", and 3/8" sets, designed for various professional needs. Notable features like the holding function and deep sockets enhance their utility. The 8790 HMA HF 1/4" socket includes a holding feature that secures fasteners, preventing them from falling. The 8790 C IMPAKTOR DEEP SET provides extra depth, ideal for applications requiring additional reach.

Wera's Ratchet and Socket Sets

Wera's ratchet and socket sets combine high-quality materials with advanced design. Popular models include the 8100 SA 8 and 8100 SB HF 1, ranging from 1/4" and 1/2" to comprehensive kits like the 8100 SA/SC 2. The Zyklop speed ratchet sets are particularly noteworthy for their quick direction changes, enhancing efficiency.

Socket Accessories

Wera's socket accessories, such as adaptor sets, offer seamless transitions between drives and sizes. The 784 C adaptor with a quick-release chuck allows for fast and efficient changes, saving time and boosting productivity. Bit holders securely hold bits during operation, reducing slippage and ensuring precision. The 8796 LC long flexible-lock extension includes a free-spinning sleeve for frictionless operation and improved comfort.

These accessories, made from superior materials, enhance the capabilities of Wera tools and are essential for demanding work environments.

Zyklop Ratchets

Wera's Zyklop ratchets combine the functions of five different ratchets, offering strength and versatility for various tasks. Models like the 8000 A 1/4" speed ratchet and the 8000 C 1/2" speed ratchet deliver optimized performance for both precision and heavy-duty operations.

Innovative Design

Wera ratchets, such as the 8004 C 1/2" metal ratchet, feature user-friendly designs like the "switch lever" for easy direction changes. The "holding feature" secures screws and nuts, preventing accidental falls and ensuring safety during operation.

These practical design elements demonstrate Wera's commitment to solving real-world challenges faced by professionals in various industries, enhancing precision, reliability, and usability.

Dependability and Durability

Wera's tools are built for reliability and longevity. The 8100 SC 2 1/2" speed ratchet and metric socket set is made from premium materials for extended service life and consistent efficiency. Sockets, crafted from durable chrome-molybdenum steel, withstand high torque levels and resist wear and tear, making them suitable for both manual and mechanical tasks.

Sockets and Ratchets by Wera

Wera is committed to mechanical excellence, producing tools for professionals and enthusiasts. The Zyklop ratchet system and accessories highlight their dedication to efficiency, reliability, and adaptability. The reduced backswing angle and rapid socket changes of the Zyklop ratchets ensure effortless operation, while high-quality materials guarantee durability.

Wera sockets, made from durable steel, provide lasting performance. Features like the "Take it easy" tool locator facilitate quick identification and selection, enhancing efficiency.

With a blend of innovation, quality, and performance, Wera's sockets and ratchets are the top choice for professionals who need reliable tools for frequent use.