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Specific tools for carpentry are the clamps that, if purchased high quality, can last for years. In the Mister Worker™ catalog there are bar clamps, by hand, spring clamps, belt clamps or corners; but also bench clamps, with track and multi-angle base.

The clamps are versatile instruments useful for different operations, such as the fixing of pieces during the cutting or nailing phase. The quick clamps are very common: they are the most practical on the market, because they are equipped with a lever that allows you to quickly lock and unlock the jaws of the clamp, as well as to adjust the pressure. There are small C-shaped models, suitable if you are dealing with small pieces, or larger models with belt, ideal for larger structures.

In recent years electrical terminals have also appeared, indispensable when a system must be built: the insulated electric terminals are used to join two or more conductors together in a safe and secure way. They are available in various models: fractionable electric terminals, flying electric terminals or electric cap terminals, all designed for different uses.

In addition to the clamps, Mister Worker™ also offers different vises models: bench vice, multi-angle vice or vice with track, all high-quality professional tools. The vice is a tool that is used to hold the workpieces in place, preventing them from moving and therefore allowing maximum precision. The piece is clamped by a screw that moves the jaw, thus regulating the pressure level: the use of a clamp allows a firmer and more uniform grip, preventing the piece to be blocked from being damaged or deformed. Usually, on the clamps are mounted mordacchie, metal or aluminum plates that serve to cover the jaws in order to make the clamping even more delicate on the piece on which you have to work: the latest models of mordacchie have magnetic inserts that make the grip to the strongest jaws.

Using a clamp and clamps is essential, especially for carpenters who need to work often on single pieces to be joined later. A vise with high quality mordacchie allows you to hold the pieces in place without damaging or scratching them, while stable clamps of the right size allow you to hold the various pieces to be glued while the glue dries, preventing it from coming off, thus ruining work.