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Loyal allies of every professional, USAG bags and toolboxes are the perfect solution whenever you need to carry your work equipment around comfortably. Mister Worker™ offers a wide range of rolling tool cabinets, tool boxes, tool chests and industrial furniture, perfect for those who work in a mechanical workshop.

Tool boxes and rolling tool chests are essential for organizing all your work equipment efficiently and tidily. USAG offers a very wide range of boxes, trolleys and cabinets to store your hand tools and even your bulkier power tools. According to your needs, in the Mister Worker™ catalog you can choose from a wide assortment of bags and backpacks, tool chests, workbenches, plastic or metal tool boxes and much more: these are all resistant and long-lasting tool storage items that will allow you to better organize your work equipment!

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When you need to carry a large number of work tools of different sizes, one of the most practical solutions is choosing a high quality tool trolley, a practical rolling tool box: you find some of the best Tool Trolleys within the USAG catalogue, that includes a range of trolleys with wheels designed specifically to be used in mechanical workshops.
One of the top products of this category is the USAG 519 R6/3V Racing Roller Cabinet: it is equipped with 6 drawers, each of which can contain up to 3 tool modules of tools to keep your work equipment in perfect order. The worktop is in anti-scratch aluminium and the resistant and sturdy 125 mm wheels ensure its maximum stability and safety even in environments such as mechanical workshops.

Another excellent example of the quality that distinguishes USAG Tools is the Start Rolling Cabinet 516 SP6V; its ABS work top has built-in edges to prevent the fall of the objects positioned on the top of the rolling chest. In addition, it has a safety locking system, oil-proof rubber wheels and can carry up to 800 kg.

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Among the various toolholders produced by USAG, one of the most appreciated by professionals is certainly the metal cantilever tool box 646/5LV: Currently discounted, this toolbox is very spacious as it has a long shape and it is divided into five compartments that will allow you to keep your screwdrivers, hammers, wrenches and much more in order.
If, instead, you prefer to carry your tools in a tool trolley or backpack, the USAG 007 TV rolling soft tool bag is perfect for you! Produced with very high resistance fabric, this cabin sized backpack has several internal pockets and compartments in which you can safely store your tools; moreover, it is equipped with integrated wheels and a telescopic aluminium handle thanks to which it the backpack is very easy to move.

The variety of USAG products does not end here: in this section you can also find tool cabinets and hooks, tool trays and accessories for tool trolleys! If you need further information, send us an email to [email protected]: our customer service will be happy to help you!