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Are you looking for an assortment of professional work tools in a roller cabinet, a toolbox, a tool pouch or a foam module? On Mister Worker™ a wide variety of sets of mixed tools is available, specifically put together by USAG to fulfil the needs of hand workers in the car repair, maintenance, electrical and plumbing field.

USAG Tool Sets: Buy a Set for General Maintenance, Plumbing, Electronics and For Car Repair.

USAG offers a wide variety of large toolboxes that include a set of tools for specific industries: tool sets for car repair, electricity, general maintenance and plumbing. Buying a complete assortment of tools is a practical solution if you need various tools on the workplace and it allows you to get a great quantity of tools at discounted prices. Moreover, buying a tool trolley or a professional toolbox with assortment means saving money and, at the same time, keeping all tools safe. Another great solution, if you already own a roller cabinet, is buying an assortment of tools in foam modules or plastic tray, so that you can easily place them into it. One of our best sellers when it comes to tool sets in plastic trays is the USAG 519/200I, an assortment of 11 pieces including hammers, drift punches and hacksaw.

Buy USAG Toolboxes and Rolling Cabinets with Assortment of Work Tools Online on Mister Worker™!

USAG tools sets consist of the highest quality equipment and each assortment is assembled to guarantee that you will always have all the tools you need at hand. One of the most complete assortments of USAG tools is the USAG 002 JM, a 181 pieces set that includes screwdrivers, hex keys, combination wrenches, hexagonal sockets, pliers, bits and many other tools useful for all general maintenance operations.
It is provided in a portable case with metal reinforcements and with a lock pad; moreover, the shapes of the tools on the panels and in the foam, in addition to the markings on the size of wrenches and sockets, enable quick identification of the required or missing tools.

If you work in the automotive field and you need a place to store all your tools that you need to carry around in the workshop, the best choice for you is buying a rolling tool chest with assortment. In our catalogue of tool sets by the best brands you can find durable roller cabinets that come with a set of tools for car repair. A great example is the USAG Racing roller cabinet with assortment 495 A2 for car repair: a guarantee of safety and practicality, in this complete version of 83 specific manual tools to work on cars.

Whatever your profession, on Mister Worker™ you can find the USAG professional tool assortment best suited to you: if you have questions or you would like to receive more information, contact us and we will help you in the choice of the best set for your specific needs!