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T-handle hexagon keys by USAG

T-Handle keys are one of USAG best seller categories, and they’re well known all over the world for their efficiency and durability. Thanks to Mister Worker™ you can purchase the entire catalogue of USAG single T-Handle keys, sets of t-handle hexagon keys, such as the famous 280 T, and a variety of other models with sliding bar or spherical head.

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T-handle hexagon keys USAG

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USAG T-Handle Keys: Buy USAG Best Sellers at Special Prices on Mister Worker™!

T-Handle keys are indispensable tools in various industries, but especially when it comes to mechanical workshops and, more in general, the automotive sector. This type of keys is fundamental for working in confined spaces, for example on the engine of a vehicle, as they allow the user to work easily on bolts that would be inaccessible with a standard wrench.
Being an authorized USAG dealer, Mister Worker™ supplies you with the complete catalog of USAG hand tools, including T-handle keys produced with extremely resistant materials and effective for different types of operations: in fact, such products guarantee high performance and excellent results constant over time.

Here on Mister Worker you will find T-Handle keys with hexagonal male, for Torx screws, with spherical head, with sliding bars and excellent sets of keys, some of which are included in the USAG SuperOffers 2020! Discover our range of USAG T-wrenches, which guarantee maximum precision of use with minimum effort: they are wear-resistant and long-lasting. Buy USAG tools online on Mister Worker™ and, with a few clicks, you can significantly improve quality and the efficiency of your work!

USAG T-Handle Hexagon Keys, Keys with Sliding Bar, and much more available with discounts up to 60%!

Among the T-Handle hexagonal wrenches the most appreciated by our customers is one of the USAG Iconic Products, the 280 T. It is a professional steel tool available in various sizes (with hexagonal drive from 2 to 14 mm) which guarantees the perfect fit with the screw and precise measurements. The innovative interlocking system of this tool makes it particularly resistant to torsion, 30% more than the ISO standards and prevents deformation and breakage.

If you are looking for a set that contains several keys of the 280 T line, we recommend the set of 7 280 T t-handle hexagon keys, currently discounted on Mister Worker™. This set of professional tools for allen screws includes wrenches of 7 different, produced with a special steel highly linked to chromium vanadium silicon which makes them resistant to wear. They are chrome plated and they have burnished tips that ensure maximum dimensional accuracy and perfect fit with the screws on which you have to work.
If, on the other hand, you are looking for a T-handle hexagon key with sliding bar, particularly useful in mechanical workshops, we recommend the USAG 280 TK/SE6, a set of 6 T-Handle hexagon keys that are 100% made in Italy. Its main feature is the sliding bar which guarantees greater accessibility compared to standard keys.

All USAG Tools that you can buy on Mister Worker™ are covered by the official manufacturer's warranty. If you would like to receive further information about USAG T-Handle keys or you are planning to buy in bulk, contact us: our team will provide you with technical assistance or prepare a personalized quote for you!