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On Mister Worker™ you can find a selection of USAG tools at incredible prices: thanks to the USAG SuperOffer 2021 you can purchase a wide variety of work tools by an high quality italian tool brand. For example, within our offers you can find the well-known USAG Iconic Products such as T-handle keys, hand sockets, screwdrivers and various toolboxes containing the perfect sets of MRO tools at best prices!

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USAG Super Offer 2021: Italian Hand Tools Online with Discounts Up to 50%

The work tools included in our USAG webshop are unique and characterized by high quality and performance: on Mister Worker™, thanks to the USAG Super Offer you can purchase them at incredible prices! Whether you’re a professional in the field of maintenance or a private user, we suggest you have a look a tour section dedicated to USAG special offers: take advantage of this amazing opportunity to renew your assortment of Italian hand tools! The USAG catalogue include also utensils for specific sectors, such as car repair, electronics or plumbers. Discover all USAG SuperOffers 2021 on Mister Worker™ and purchase high quality Italian tools in special offer!

Among the most popular hand tools, used by maintenance specialists on a daily basis, there are surely USAG wrenches: many of them are now on sale, for example T-Handle keys, socket wrenches, adjustable wrenches, box spanners, torque wrenches and much more! An absolute bestseller that you can find discounted on our website is the famous USAG 280 T: don’t miss this chance to buy a handy set of 280 T T-Handle hexagon keys. These keys for allen screws, that come in different dimensions in this set, are highly professional tools used not only by Ducati and Ferrari, but more in general by the majority of the specialists of car repair and in the automotive sector. Their main advantage is that they require minimum effort of the user, they make your work easier and faster and ensure accurate fit with the screw.

Not Only Traditional Wrenches: Check Out our Amazing Discounts on Torque Control Equipment and Impact Wrenches!

USAG produces not only the most traditional hand tools, but also a wide variety of torque control equipment, storage solutions for tools and much more. One of the best deals you can find the famous 810 N torque wrench, a professional work tool with adjustable torque model for clockwise tightening and accuracy of ±4% of the preset torque value and it allows you to carry out accurate measurements and achieve amazing results in the workplace.
Among the best products on offer there’s also the
USAG 942 compact pneumatic 1/2" impact wrench. This professional impact wrench has 3 tightening torque settings and an extremely powerful new generation engine. Its use is particularly easy thanks to its soft-touch biomaterial and anti-vibration handle and its lightweight.  This impact wrench will bring massive strength and high resistance to use, therefore a really long service life and it’s particularly useful for those of you that work in the field of car repair.

Special Promo on USAG Bags, Toolboxes and Carts

Equipping yourself with a professional tool bag is the first step to keep your tools in order. That's why among Usag SuperOffers we decided to include the USAG tool bag 007 V: it is made of very resistant fabric, with a water-resistant rigid base and aluminium handles with a rubber-coated handle. It has numerous interior compartments for utensils, comfortable to keep their hand tools organized, and a front pocket designed to hold hacksaws and other sharp tools that could damage the rest of the contents.

If, instead, you prefer a backpack or a trolley for your tools, do not miss the opportunity to purchase the famous 007 TV Rolling Tool Bag. This USAG trolley is made of high strength fabric and it has different front and side pockets where you can store all your tools and laptop safely, avoiding the risk of damaging them.
If, instead, you would like to buy a complete assortment of tools on offer in a really resistant case, check out the USAG 002 JM which contains a full set of work tools for all maintenance applications such as sockets, ratchets, universal joints, screwdrivers, bits, hammers and much more!
USAG also provides you with great metal toolboxes, in particular the ones included in the
Usag 646 series, that you can purchase both empty or with an assortment of tools: an example is the long cantilever tool box 646/5LV with five compartments (empty), a really roomy tool-case to store in which you can store your hand tools safely.

These are just a few examples of the best USAG special offers available on Mister Worker™: you will have the opportunity to renew your hand tools with one of the best professional brands on the market. If you want more details on the products on offer, contact us and we'll be happy to help.