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USAG ratchets are famous all over the world for their high quality, durability and durability. On Mister Worker™ you can find all the ratchets of the USAG 2018 catalog, both single and in sets, as well as numerous USAG socket wrenches to use your ratchet in every situation.

USAG ratchets and socket wrenches are very useful tools for every professional, because they allow you to work easily on various types of nuts and bolts: they are designed to resist wear and intensive use, and to ensure maximum yield with minimum effort physical. 100% Made in Italy, these USAG hand tools are chosen by professionals all over the world because of their reliability and resistance.

The top professional tool of this category in the catalog of Mr. Worker™ is certainly the USAG 237 A 1/2 ratchet, new feature presented in the USAG 2017 catalog. It is a reversible ratchet 1/2 "with 72 teeth with angle 5 ° recovery, ideal for operating in confined spaces; the ergonomic plastic handle makes it comfortable to use for a long time, and the special steel body, highly alloyed with chrome vanadium, makes it a highly resistant professional tool. Furthermore, it is IP51 certified, an international protection trademark that guarantees maximum safety of use of the tool.

And to complete your professional ratchet, Mister Worker™ offers you a series of socket wrenches of various shapes and sizes, to work on a large number of nuts and bolts and to perform many different jobs. If you need advice on the purchase, write to us at [email protected]!